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This is quite amusing really…
FRom the Taipei Times…

[quote]Ministry releases rules for new ID card photos

CHANGES: Photos for use in the new cards must adhere to several rules, including no toothy smiles and no red-eye, the interior ministry said
By Cody Yiu
Saturday, Mar 19, 2005,Page 2
The Ministry of the Interior released a sample photo and a list of restrictions for new national identification cards yesterday.

The ministry will start replacing existing identification cards from July 1. Current card holders are required to submit new recent photos starting on June 1.

Several changes are being made to the cards in a bid to make them forgery-proof.

In the sample released by the ministry yesterday, several new restrictions apply for the photos used in the cards: for example the image must not show a person’s teeth.

“One can smile into the camera, but no teeth should be showing – what we want is a more expressionless image,” said Hsieh Ai-ling (謝愛齡), director of the ministry’s Population Administration Department.


There are 13 other stipulations for images used in the identification cards, including:

The photo has to have been taken within the last six months and the cardholder’s face has to fill 70 to 80 percent of the entire photo. It must be 4.5cm long and 3.5cm wide.

Additionally, the person’s eyes have to be open, and any distinguishing marks, including moles, birth marks or scars must be shown. The photo cannot be altered. Additionally, the picture must be well-lit, and photos with red-eye will be rejected.


If the person wears glasses, these should not have tinted lenses, nor should the eyes be covered by the glasses’ frame. If a head scarf is worn for religious reasons, the photo has to show all facial features clearly.

Due to the complicated requirements, the ministry advises using a professional photographer.

A set of six pictures should cost somewhere between NT$300 and NT$350. [/quote]

They’re not allowed to smile??

What do they think this is, Canada??? :loco:

Sometimes it’s those decaying, red stained teeth (or lack of) that is the distinguishing feature.

Well it won’t worry you guys as you don’t have to replace your ARC’s.

It’s only for ROC nationals and it’s also to combat the high number of fakes circulating around… I’m sure mine’s not a fake lol

I have always wondered what kind of photographs Saudi Arabian women have in their passports.

In most states of the US I’m not sure if one’s not supposed to show his/her teeth for his/her driver’s licence photo although I don’t think many people would want to give a big smile or even laught to the camera at the DMV.

The US has clear and strict requirements for the green card photos that some may think amusing too.

There are states that allowed a woman wearing a head scarf for religious reasons when taking her driver license’s photo. Now it’s changing and there are lawsuits on the banning.

At least you can smile unlike on Canadian passport photos. Has anyone ever purposely not tried to smile? It actually takes a bit of work and most of the time the photo turns out kinda goofy (yes I had to take more than a few and chose the least suspicous looking one).