New in Danshui or near by -

This week we touched in Danshui. My wife is Taiwanese and I am from America, however we have both lived in Japan for the last 10 years. We plan to live in Taiwan for a while. We have a 1.5 year old daughter. I am looking for anyone in the area who would be able to meet up for coffee and give me a crash course in all things considered: Taiwan.

Hey dude. I think that your request, however well intentioned, might not have received replies because it is too general. Why don’t you peruse the various threads on this forum, and then ask some specific questions? That’s better than asking random strangers to meet you for coffee and brief you on Taiwan. Not only is that going from web contact to personal contact in a very short period of time, but “Taiwan” is such a huge topic for those of us who have lived here for a while. Do some basic research on this forum, wiki, and read the Lonely Planet guide and also check out the Taipei Times archives (online). Then if you need something more, I’m sure you’ll find Forumosans and formosans willing to help out.

Hi there,

We have a thread over here about parents in Danshui

They say that they have a playgroup on weekends and are a very friendly bunch.