New in Hualien-looking for a place to live

I’ve just moved over to Hualien for a job and to enjoy the natural scenery. I’m having a bit of a challenge finding a very nice place to live. I’m quite suprised by the prices so far (a bit higher than Tainan), but will get over it. The problem is, I’ve been seeing some real dumps that are right in the middle of Hualien city with the noise and pollution. I’m trying to find a place either by myself or with roommates which is a bit out of the muck and allows a little more peace and at least a bit of green, or some view of the mountains or ocean. How do I go about finding such a place? So far, I’ve tried agencies and connections with limited success.

Does anyone have any suggestions or leads? Thanks so much for any assistance.

Hey. I might be able to help out a little bit. Instead of living in downtown, you could try Mei Luen. It’s much nicer than downtown. If you want to pm me your number we can get together and figure it out over a pint.
good luck

I found a spot in Hualien, thanks for those who pitched in with help. I ended up in a 4 women share in a large house in a quiet area in back of Tzu Chi U. (near Tzu Chi college) with a very nice room with a view of the mountains and no bars in the way. Yeah!

There is still a large room available (sorry the other 2 will only accept a female) if a lady lurking on here should need a place. pm me.

P.S. Damage, you never called! I was so sad. :frowning: