New in town, need most household items. New Taipei MRT Zhonghe

Hi all,

We just made it through quarantine and have a week or so with the MIL before our apartment is available. Since we came with 6 suitcases, we need most everything except a refrigerator. We are a family of 4, kids almost 2 and 7.

Let me know what you have: Tv, microwave, bed, kitchen stuff, clothes washer, sofa, electric piano… In very good condition preferred.

The new place will be at Zhonghe MRT.

Thanks for reading.


Welcome and good luck. If you’re lucky someone on this board will move away and sell some stuff. Happens a few times a year.

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Throughout the city there are second hand stores where you can find lots of stuff for a fraction of the price. Also look on Facebook. There are several groups for selling/buying as well as free stuff.


Yeah this is what I was hoping for.

I am going to be moving into my house next month and it seems likely I will have two chesterfields. If that’s the case and it’s not the tenant’s chesterfield, I might have one to sell. Will keep you updated.

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Taipei buy sell trade is an English language group on Facebook for people selling their stuff.

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Second this, there are several facebook groups. If you have time, you can find a fair amount of stuff there.

For everything else, there’s Ikea? :man_shrugging:t2:

When we kitted out a small house a few years ago, we got stuff from a second hand shop (AC, fridge, washing machine, bed etc), we got a deal for the bulk buy and got it all delivered in one go. This was in Kaohsiung, but your MIL should know some places near you, just make a list and tell them what you need.

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One visit to Xiamen street near Gutting, Taipei, and you’ll be set. Yep, they deliver.

IKEA and NITORI for the rest.

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Gutting is gutt.