New iphones / pricing

Ok, I know nothing firm, but doing the math, and taking the already known Hongkong-price,
I am pretty sure we can expect the following for the taiwanese market:

6s :
24.500 NT$ for 16GB, 27.900 for 64GB and 31.500 for the 128GB model

6s plus :
27.900 / 31.500 / 34.900 NT$

The old iphone 6 gets a lesser “discount” (than previously managed by Apple)
( also no gold-color option, no 128 GB anymore )
20.500 for 16GB (2.000 NT$ discount only)
24.500 for 64GB (1.400 NT$ discount only, wow)

The even older 5s costs now
16.900 for 16GB
18.900 for 32GB
( also no golden anymore too )

Those are freaking high prices, but people in Taiwan probably buy via contract only
and would not care if the down payment will be addtional (I guess) 2.000 NT$

The ipod touch is still quite a good deal though - Apple more or less removed them from
their Taiwanese webpage (must click on the magnifying lense) - but apparently they are
now using poverful A8/M8 chip and price scheme is
6.800 for 16GB / 8.300 for 32GB / 9.900 for 64GB and 13.000 for 128GB