New italian restuarant opened in Peitou

We’ve been to a place called “Heathrow” which just opened last month nearby Hsin (Xin) Peitou MRT station. Everything we’ve ordered has been absolutely delicious and prices range from 100-180NT for a very generous portion. The waiters are not very proffessional but the chef makes great food which is why we keep going back. Red curry chicken in noodles is highly reccomended. This place has the tastiest Italian food that I’ve had in Taiwan. Open til 9:30 every night.

:shock: :shock: :shock: Eh? Could you elaborate please? That doesn’t sound even remotely Italian to me! What other kinds of dishes do they serve? Prices sound very good, though. Let’s have some more info.

I’m with Sandman on this one. The dish that you mentioned doesn’t sound all that “Italian” to me, but I’m always on the lookout for great curry. So, if this Italian place serves great curry (or other tasty dishes – say satay, or green curry, or whatever), then I will be there. More details, please. Is beer available? Wine? Grappa?

Thanks for the info.

Yes the red curry might not be exactly italian but its good nonetheless. Its like a spaghetti dish with sliced chicken breast and mixed vegetables in a thick red tomato with coconut sauce. NT 180. Other things on the menu that we tried include a garlic tomato cheesy pasta dish for 100NT, Baked chicken curry with rice on the bottom for 150NT, Spaghetti and meat sauce NT120. They have quite a few of baked dishes like Lasagna and others with creative flavors as well as many seafood noodle dishes.

I dont think they have wine- dont know about beer. This is a simple place with modern decoration and low prices with great tasting food and huge portions.