New job in the sales field

So the other day I had an interview at a mid-size technology company and I interviewed for an International Sales position. The boss let me know that If I did get the job I would have to find a R.O.C. citizens ID so that they can pay me. What they would do is make it look like the person is working there for tax purposes but give me the money. They said that if I can’t find a person willing to help me then they would take 25% out of my pay each month. I asked my girlfriend but she won’t do it cuz she is afraid that she will get caught by the police. Now, there has been a foreigner at this company for 10 years and they have always did this. Could this be a problem for my girlfriend and what do you think I could do to get around this?

Sounds dodgy. If the company is medium sized it should be able to get approval to employ you legally in this position. Then they could get you an ARC, too. I would want them to play by the rules, otherwise look for another job.

Juba is absolutely right. Extremely dodgy. I would not touch it will a barge pole.

When I first started to work at my company my boss wanted me to find a friend to write them bills for services rendered so that they woudln’t have to do the paperwork to get me an ARC. After some yelling and screaming we have moved past that and I have my ARC now.

If your company is not willing to do the paperwork for you at this point I would worry about their treatment once you were employed there. Unless they can provide you with an ARC I wouldn’t spend a minute working for them.