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…seeing as though nobody from Oriented replied to my e-mail within the 48 hours they said they would I am resorting to posting here.

The new jobs board looks good but I am concerned over the ‘Date Posted’ field. We all know for a fact that a whole load of the jobs posted with a 21 Nov ‘Date Posted’ are in fact VERY old jobs. Now if I were new to the board then I would assume these were new jobs and thus apply to those I felt relevant. If I were an employer and had posted on Oriented months ago, and now start to receive new applications thanks to Oriented’s new board I would be pretty naffed off.

Correct me if I am wrong Oriented but that equates to potentially well over 150+ p1ssed off companies out there.

Hi, I thought I sent a response back to you about this – but I may not have sent it (It’s been pretty hectic for me this weekend )

You are right to point out that the new job postings have been scrambled. When we re-did the Jobs database, we sent an e-mail message to each company in the database inviting them to remove their positions from the new listings. They received detailed steps on how to remove their posts and use the new format.

Looking at the database today, I can assume at least two possible scenarios:

    each company we e-mailed has chosen to keep each position up since they are still looking for candidates

    some (most? ) companies were thoroughly confused by the removal procedures they received, or the removal procedures were not received by the appropriate person (i.e. maybe they were sent to someone who has since left the firm)

Feeling that the second scenario is a more likely case (what can I say? I’m conservative), I am relieved that this new system has an automatic expiry system. Assuming (optimistically) that these companies still wish to fill the posted positions, I’ve set an expiry period of 40 days from 21 November, the date of the new format. The default lifetime of a new position is 14 days.

So what does this mean to people who are looking for a job in Taiwan?

A few things:

    []Positions posted on 21 Nov should be viewed with a grain of salt[]If you do call a company and the position is filled, tell them you found the position posted on ORIENTED – hopefully, they will contact us about removing or updating it, in case they do not wish to remove it themselves.[]Similarly, you can e-mail us at and tell us which position is stale. We will then contact that company and verify if they wish to have the position removed.[]If you have other questions or ideas, please post them below, e-mail or SMS me (gus) at 0952 948 975 (btw, I’m out of the country now and will be back in Taipei next week[/list]


Dear Netscape users:

A bug has been found in the code of the new jobs system that prevents Netscape Navigator users from seeing the details of the postions. I apologize for this.

I’ve identified the problem, but have not fixed the code yet. Please check back in later this week for an update. I’m pretty sure I can lick this before the next E-mail Bulletin next week.


How about a “positions wanted” section? Some in addition to working full-time like to pick up extra or part-time work editing, teaching, translating, etc.

That’s a nice thought

The database isn’t difficult to adjust for this – it reminds me of’s “Am I Worthy” service.

Post up what kind of information people would probably like to post on the web. Include ideas on how we could make it work, too. If there is an interest, it could be added on without too much effort.

In the current economic situation I think a ‘Jobs Wanted’ section would never be read by prospective employers. It is a good idea but both Amcham and ECCT have tried the same thing with zero luck. Just my $0.02.

In economic downturns employeers often turn to contracters so they don’t have to hire workers on a full-time basis. And today’s downturn won’t last forever, either.

Absolutely, Disagree. Speaking as a prospective employer, I would very much like to have a convenient database of freelance translators and editors at my disposal.

It could consist of no more than a contact and a very brief rundown of qualifications and experience.

I wouldn’t mind having a place to post a positions wanted ad. I do freelance editing. A place to post my qualifications, etc. would be great.

I posted an ad in the careers section last week; ID# would have been roughly 187.
I got a few replies and then the ad vanished.

any ideas?

Also, I tried to post this as a new thread under visitor feedback but was blocked: “You do not have permission to enter this section”


what ever happened to the positions wanted idea? Is that still on?