New Joy: iBook. Now, advice?

:rainbow: Maybe I ought to have waited, but you can always wait for the next thing to come out, even if only to get a better deal on the old thing. I don’t care: I got it.

New baby: 12" iBook G4. 40 gig hd, 1.5 m ram, 1.33 mhz.
Old baby: Mac Mini. 80 gig hd, 1 gig ram, 1.44 mhz.

I got the tiny iBook because I’m editing on the go, so it’s an investment. Besides which, I’m on the go and have other stuff to work on. Now, maybe it’ll start getting done. Anyways, lugging around my sweetie’s much larger and heavier IBM clone was a pain, I’d rather shoot myself than go back to Windows, and I’d rather carve out my heart with a rusty spoon than use Chinese Windows.

For the most part, the iBook is for getting work done. A few extras, alright. But I want to stretch the battery life as far as possible…certainly should come damn close to (if not exceed) 4.5 hours.

Any suggestions as to how to effectively wed these two machines? Moving programs back and forth via firewire is a breeze, but beyond that what makes sense?

Oh yes, a little extra. Picked up an iPod camera connector. Works like a charm, so I now have a 30 gig photo dump. :sunglasses:

Btw, I shopped around, even explored a few backdoor options with a friend in the business, but in the end picked this up at the Apple store in the new Eslite. They were great! Best price and excellent service. No bs, straight answers. Very refreshing. :bravo:

You can always sell me your MiniMac…at a reasonable price :wink:

Hee hee… no! It’s mine!

But, in a couple of weeks I may be able to pass along a great deal on another.

[quote=“Jaboney”]Hee hee… no! It’s mine!

But, in a couple of weeks I may be able to pass along a great deal on another.[/quote]
Ok, make sure you keep me posted then, I’ll wait for that great deal!!

This should transfer everything. Not sure if that is what you mean that you’ve already done but if so I really don’t get what you’re asking about :stuck_out_tongue:

My interest is in daily syncing these machines. There are a few programs I’ll be using daily on each, and I don’t want to have to manually swap info all the time. At the moment, I’m goofying around with a dedicated “transit” folder into which everything goes, iSync, Transmit, Deja Vu… just trying to find easiest method of regularly updating the home machine. Email, Word, Quicken, ect…

So far, putting one into slave mode, or using Transmit seem to be best.