New KMT leadership just like the old?

An accurate, yet at the same time, misleading headline in today’s TT (page 1). Misleading in the sense that it sounds quite positive, until you realize the KMT is SELLING their ill-gotten gains for profit!

“Reformer” Ma starts unloading stolen property

“KMT chairman Ma Ying-jeou yesterday confirmed that the party had signed a contract to sell the building houing the Institute on Policy Research and Development for NT$4.3 billion (US$133 million), despite zoning restrictions and claims that the property was stolen.”

Black gold politics just like the old guard, it seems. Not a good start for Chairman Mao. Oops, Ma. Freudian slip.

Well I guess if they were going to sell this national asset and turn the money over to the treasury, that would be fine. Where is the money actually going to go?

Same $h1t, Different Toilet? :astonished:

Well, read the article, they are going to use it to pay KMT pensions and laid off crap.

You know, in my opinion only the frontman changed, backstage it’s still the same crew. :s