New law for Scooters and Motorcycles

There is a new law coming into effect on the 1st September, requiring all scooters and motorcycles to display the small insurance sticker currently Blue for 92 (2003) expiry date.
Failure to display is likely to lead to confiscation of said vehicle, plus a fine.

As many foreignors ride on what are technically illegal machines as they are not registered, then this is will effect you. Without registration, which requires either an ARC or a local girlfriend / boyfriend then registration cannot be completed, thus no insurance.

You have been warned.

I’ve had one of those stickers on my bike for the last couple of years, at least. I thought it was the law. D’you mean to tell me that all this time, I needn’t have bothered, or is it just that they’re starting to enforce the regulation now?

Sandman, my understanding is that they have extended the scope of the old thus making a new law. It has always been a requirement but as you say never enforced, not sure about the 50cc rules back then, but even they are now covered.
But enforcement is supposedly going to be much stricter this time round, certainly the penalties are tougher.

There IS a new amendment to the Road Traffic Penalty Act effective on Sep.1. According to the new rule, motorists (and drivers) whose breathalyzer test results are above 0.25 mg will not only face a fine of between NT15,000 and NT60,000, but his vehicle will also be distrained immediately, and his driver’s license will be ceased for one year. And the driver will need to pay up all his fine, towing and custody fees for the said vehicle before he can take his vehicle back.

OK, all you scooter experts - Can anyone tell me the proper English names of the scooter models whose Chinese names are as follows?

xiang2ying1 (“soaring eagle”)