"new laws" about going from a visitor visa to work permit?

To keep a long story short… I got a big hassle when trying to get my visitor visa. Finally, I got them to accept my application, but because the Taiwanese Gov is getting “VERY STRICT” and have “NEW LAWS” about landing with a visitor visa and then taking up teaching and converting it, they made me write a statement that I would NOT teach NOR study while in Taiwan, and WOULD leave before 60 days was up.

I went through this whole process 2 years ago, and she tried to give me some “new law” story then hassled me, but all was good. When I told her I never had to write a statement before, she said “Well before was not NOW”.

So, I’m just wondering if anyone knows that they have indeed tightened up on this (two schools I have been talking to claim there shouldn’t be a problem) and I’m wondering if anyone had to wrtie that statement, and if it could in any way come back to bite me in the arse.

Thanks in advance.

Never heard of it. Where did it happen (office)?

Maybe they were illuminati???

I have only heard of something like this once before. Someone at the airport got weird with a friend on a visa run. As her work permit was in process (along with a lot of other junk), the immigration officer had her do something like the OP described. The end result was that she left and (I think) was not allowed to come back for some time.

This sounds like something we should keep an eye on. If this really is a change a lot people could be in for a nasty surprise when they get here.

If, on the other hand, this is a case of someone in the Chunghwa Travel Agency targetting someone, there’s a solution to this:
Walk out of the office and come back a few hours later, and make sure you don’t go through the same person again. Tell them you’d like them to submit the application without the letter. They aren’t actually immigrations officers and are not permitted to make a decision. They are only allowed to send the documentation in on your behalf.

If you did sign that letter, you may have to get the work permit then leave Taiwan and re-enter on a resident’s visa. It just means the hassle of a second visa run, not that you can’t find work or get a work permit. Just that you can’t do any work there while you’re waiting for the work permit to process and that you will have to leave and come back.

My employer says there will be NO problem getting the visa, and no visa run will be necessary. From what I gather, it IS technically a law, but rarely enforced outside Taipiei, and even in Taipei on a rare case.

I doubt that blank piece of paper I wrote the statement on will ever be sent to or have bearing in Taiwan. And with me not heading to Taipei, I’m not worried.

You’ve got to love the randomness of Taiwan.

You signed a blank piece of paper? Uh oh. :no-no:

k new question… but relates

i showed a fake itinerary to get my visa, cause i didn’t want to pay to change my plane ticket to show i would return within 60 days.

is there ANY chance of them asking to see my plane ticket at the airport in Taipei? the visa is ALL they are going to look at right? if you have just recently arrived, your input would be appreciated, because i know they HAVE become somewhat more strict with all this visa stuff. thanks.