New laws came into effect 27th Feb? Stay/Residence/Permanent

Can anyone who reads traditional chinese and has a legal brain look at this, is this recent change to the law significant to foreigners in taiwan?
Posted on the NIA’s website yesterday (chinese only): … sp?id=1139

[i]Published during the period: 2009/3/2 ~ 2011/3/2
Page modified: 2009/3/2 morning 11:16:08

Foreigners stay, Residence and Permanent Residence Article VI, Article XII, the seventeenth amendment to the provisions of article 98 years on February 27 issued amended

“Foreigners stay, Residence and Permanent Residence” Article VI, Article XII, the provisions of the Seventeenth Amendment by the Ministry of the Interior in the Republic of China 98 years to February 27 Units within the shift word amendment issued Decree No. 0980959392, and since 98 years entered into force February 27.[/i]

and also this one is new too: … sp?id=1140

I think it’s related to this, isn’t it?

Maybe, I don’t read chinese so I can’t be sure.
The Links I posted relate to new laws/amendments that came nto force only last week. The link you posted came into effect May 2000.
So the new stuff in chinese on the NIA is definetly relating to some new changes.

I took a quick look and it basically has to do with that topic: provisions for ROC nationals to leave, there was a link to an absence permit, not much else.

Was the the first or second URL I posted?
It sounds like it might be the second one as that seems to be about permission to leave/absence permits etc.

Yep, and it specially affects people with PARCs, if I’m not mistaken.
(By the way, what did you use for the English translation?)

The second link is the application plus Q&A -who needs to do it, the form to apply, etc.

This is for Taiwanese citizens. It says that if you want to know if you have some kind of “impediment” towards leaving teh country, you can look it up on teh Internet or go to teh local police station and check it out:


so this one is the part for foreigners?: … NodeID=150

does it change the visa regs / application requirements for foreigners?

I used google to translate, although its not much use for legal stuff as it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense once translated.