New London Attack

I’ve lost family members to violence. With all due respect, condolences do not console.

what do you mean? ridiculous and untrue statements should just be forgiven because they were said 6 months ago?

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What he ACTUALLY said.
Not that you really care except for political point scoring.

Of course they’re afraid; I was nervous when I was in Heathrow last summer and surrounded by throngs of Muslims.

Britain isn’t going to do anything but roll over and continue to take this in the ass. Only countries like Poland are actually fighting back.

I live in London, I’m a native English person and I can only afford to raise one child in this city. When I do the school run, the streets are 90% burkha dressed mums towing along minimum 3 kids. They all stare at me. They give me a disapproving look. I feel like an imposter in my own country. It’s pretty scary really. They all come from the surrounding estates, funded from my tax money. It’s a planned invasion which the tax payer is funding. In time their plan will become obvious when the shear number of them will dominate the native English. By which time I hope I will be out of this country. Unless the liberals in control wake up and take action now, it’s just going down the pan.

Last summer I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt and try in passing to smile at these mums. A bit of parent to parent acknowledgement. I got no welcoming response back, they just stared back. I was unable to tell if they smiled as their mouthes were covered. Either way, an unfriendly lot. When I think back to the friendly native elderly people I used to pass on the way to school, I just feel really sad for my son.


Prime Minister May, addressing Parliament:

Mr. Speaker, it is still believed that this attacker acted alone, and the police have no reason to believe there are imminent further attacks on the public.

. . .

What I can confirm is that the man was British born, and that some years ago, he was once investigated by MI5 in relation to concerns about violent extremism.

Well, one of them was upset.

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306 did not like it .

looks so beautiful i almost cried :´)


I wish Putin were the president of The United States


Some strange likes on both sides of the aisle!

I guess you voted Brexit.

I feel sad for your son, too.

Iraqi women Baghdad university 1970’s.

More of them are wearing hijabs and niqabs and more of us are turning towards the police state and away from democracy. It’s like somebody is playing a bad cosmic joke on us. I have to agree with jihadis on both sides though when they say that when it comes to religious war you’re either all in or all out.

What does Europe (The EU) have to do with the muslim population in the UK?
Can you make that connection for me?

The UK is not in the Schengen Agreement.

Comparisons of pre/post 1979 Iran/Iraq are some of the most shocking images I’ve ever seen. Pre-1979 they just look like Europe or the Us, post 1979 they look like something from the middle ages, with a few cars here and there.

A hundred years from now our descendants are going to look at photos of London and New York in the late 20th century and be shocked at them too.

“Look at how many infidels there were!”

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Schengen has nothing to deal with freedom of movement or Dublin Regulation.

They’ll all be safely hidden behind Freedom Walls by then.

The attacker was a former English teacher with an Asian wife. :open_mouth:

I’ve seen plenty of those pictures.
What I’m guessing is that was a metropolitan elite in what were and are poor countries with heavy religious influences. Not sure how deep the whole thing went.

Blasphemy! Everyone has always been Muslim!