New micro video camera (toy)

I do a lot of cycling along the rivers and have started making videos.
My first one.


looks like this…


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Nice. So, is that date December 9, or September 12?

I can’t believe it’s December. Taipei normally looks like crap by about December 1, for the next four months. Lucky you!

Wow that was fast… :slightly_smiling_face:

I know! not that fast, 12-14km camera makes me look like a Lunatic.
Other ones I’ve made looks like I’m just missing pedestrians at high speed, funny to watch.

You ride dangerously, man!
Fast, passing from right and left, almost hitting a pedestrian…
Just watch out for someone jumping in front of you out of nowhere. You may not have enough time to break!

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The video was sped up, right?

You need to shoot one at the inverted bike path under Chongcui bridge and ride down the corkscrew ramp, and then play it in high speed, of course. :wink:

This one?
0225 - Taipei, Riverside

I used that bridge one day when I got lost, spoke to taiwanese ederly cyclist he pointed direction I needed to get to YongHe, he say Sanchong again and again.
So of I go in way he pointed and miracously found a bridge at Sanchong, spoke to another ederly cyclist who recomended I cross over and follow sign to Banqiao, I did go to top all way round in a half circle and came down to River part I knew. quite exciting really.
Never seen S bends path?
Filming not speeded up just looks that way. Honest 12-14 kmh

is anyone here using a DJi Osmo Pocket or Action?

New video chongcui Bridge


Videos are helpful @Safari

Keep em coming!

Yes thats Yong Fu bridge my local bridge (closest) Gutin Park snake path still there but park has been transformed since and 2 extra waliking and cycling paths. so not such a clear view.

New Riverside Video

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New video, had my fun future ones more sedate and lovely.

Video published

Video thumbnail: Choncui Bridge Sanshong fast


Choncui Bridge Sanshong fast

Published 7 Jan 2020

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Choncui Bridge? Where is it, is there another name?

Have you tried adjusting camera settings or using gimbal to keep horizon level?

More natural perspective.

重翠大橋 Chongcui Bridge

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