New mod logos

Looks like we got new mod logos. Or maybe @tempogain made me admin cause mine is the same as him? I’m kidding, he didn’t. Leave your pitchforks at home.


Since the new logos are of red suns. I declare myself part of the new Red KMT Triad. /Kidding

I made the change. I didn’t tell @tempogain about it. So he might change it back, if he wants to.

I was sorta thinking no one would notice for awhile

I was looking at pictures of police badges this morning (I’ve been catching up on Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and many that I saw were rounder. Then I noticed fontawesome has the sun icon.

It is a little too KMT

If you change the background color to blue and the icon to white, it’s a bit too on the nose. I checked

That would be on the nose. It’s a bit too on the nose now :slight_smile:

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Should keep the ChiComs at bay anyway. But I’d prefer a nice Atayal motif.

Poor old @GooseEgg, just loves messing :blush::joy:

I get some kind of gay vibe from this pic…

You saying there’s something wrong with that???

“Male Cisgender Homosexual Themes and Undertones in the Movie ‘The Wall’” would probably make a good paper for a gender studies course or something

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Ever wonder why Pink won’t have anything to with the girl from Near Dark after she comes back to his hotel room???
Hmmmmmmm??? :wink:

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Who said anything about right or wrong? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I got some bad news for you, sunshine…

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I would be perfectly fine with that.

You can have anything you want. Just install an extension that modifies CSS for pages.



Is the top nav bar darker ?

I used Stylus Stylus ::

Here is the code:

.d-icon-sun {
    background-image: url('');
    background-size: contain;
    fill: transparent !important;

Image can be changed to anything you want.


There’s like 1000 stock ones. Messing around a bit

Must be the tiny adventure of your day :rofl: