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Some people or person said some things that could be easily read as a nasty xenophobic attack. And the group being attacked was not the Chinese. So it got deleted, as attacking any group (other than the Chinese) is not acceptable. :wink:


Well, in my case, I read it as misogynist, and that’s what I objected to.


the way you put it is hard to make up my mind about what really happened and if you are xenophobic too.


I’ll bite, links please.


It wasnt me! I was just a bystander


I dont want to be a tell tale tattler… but if I see a bad one I will flag it in future. but really there is a constant stream of anti Chinese sentiment if you ask me


You may well have seen various forms of criticism, which in general is allowed. However, our rules disallow bigoted commentary (and also note that frequent borderline bigoted commentary is grounds for suspension) and also allow moderators to remove “sweeping statements” about groups of people which are likely to cause discord. I’ve certainly removed such comments about Chinese people in the past and taken other action when necessary. We’d appreciate it if you flag things you find offensive (though we may not always agree).


You might be but personally I think this individual keeps derailing threads with these poisonous views which just kicks up a shitstorm which he can then avoid the consequences of when the whole lot gets deleted.

Others get banned for fighting back against this (including me) but he keeps on merrily posting this stuff on any old foreigner or equality related thread.


Surely he can start his own threads about fat smelly female land whale foreigners with anal wombs…All quoting his contributions from just the last few weeks.

All designed to be offensive and hateful.
If they want threads on that stuff just create their own threads and hang out in their own smelly corner, don’t constantly pollute the regular threads

Fail to see how this adds anything of value whatsoever to the general discourse.


Fahrenheit 451 didn’t get good reviews on Rotten Potatoes so I gave it a pass. Glad to hear it’s actually good.


This is how I feel. When posters make generalised comments it tells us more about the poster.

It’s a tough call for the mods to remove a post for bigotry. Personal attacks are easier to identify.

I think describing some western women as “land whales” is rude enough to get that post removed. However, I’d prefer the post to remain just so I know who I’m dealing with.


I don’t know what you guys have against @hsinhai_whatever. He is super smart. He was about the only one who really understood my post about xenophobic Decathlon stuff, despite all my grammar errors. He, since then, is the model I follow, the person I want to become to irritate people with stupid comments.


But then the poster is allowed to keep inserting his bigoted comments again and again into UNRELATED threads. Unless just mentioning foreigners, women, or gays is an excuse to inset a bigoted comment after it?

Wrecking the threads and causing a shitstorm for kicks.

But call him out for it, get banned. In my case, two weeks and no warning.

Then the threads he’s shitting all over are usually chopped to pieces and the offensive stuff removed but he’s allowed to post MORE offensive stuff a couple of days later.

I don’t get it.


No. “Calling someone out” is not the same as making personal attacks. You’ve been warned multiple times that we don’t allow them regardless of the reason.


Okay have you warned the poster posting bigoted comments multiple times ?

How does that work exactly?


We warn people about things all the time, and suspend them sometimes too. If they disregard warnings repeatedly they may even be suspended indefinitely.


So what are you going to do about the repeated bigoted comments ?

There’s a lot to work on this last month.

I don’t know why it’s not being dealt with and left to happen again and again. Is it acceptable ?


I’ve commented on this already above:

You’ve seen that we remove comments. Generally that comes with a warning attached. If warnings are ignored, we generally will take further action.


Seems like a lot of bigoted commentary is being allowed recently.


Want to think about the ethos of the site.

And if they want to write that stuff why not write their own thread not pollute every bloody foreigner related topics with it.

As you stated
'the rules disallow bigoted commentary '.


There is no shortage of negative sweeping statements about Chinese. That is for sure. I’m not a huge fan of the lets get offended attitude, so I’d only flag a direct personal attack.

As for that poster that had the statements deleted. I guess everyone has two sides. He has plenty of value to say too.


Why is everyone so intolerant toward Hsinhai’s opinion? That’s so…uhm…if only there was an English term to describe people being hostile and intolerant towards other’s opinions…