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I don’t know what happened in your banning, and I don’t want to backseat moderate.

I may be wrong but I don’t think Hsinhai is creating shitstorms for kicks. I think these are his genuine opinions. I don’t agree with everything that he posts, but every now and then I do.

It’s a really tough balance and I wouldn’t want to be making the calls. As has been noted earlier in this thread (with helpful visual aids) if the mods remove too many posts they are PC fascists and if they don’t remove posts they are fascists.


A thoughtful response. Knowing where to draw the line is more of an art than a science. I would have been in favor of keeping Hsinhai’s comments up, but it was starting to devolve into a shit-flinging contest. It’s easy to be an armchair quarterback, but the mods do seem to be doing a decent job of keeping things relatively civil.


I removed a post here. Feedback isn’t intended as a venue for raking individual posters over the coals, and there’s no point in rehashing the same arguments repeatedly.


Yes it seems there is such a thing as too much feedback. Got to cut out those posts. Hit delete.

Why don’t you delete all my threads on here that brings you 10,000s of hits about pollution etc.
No problem with those.

My content.

Feedback is feedback for a reason, you don’t need to agree with all of it . Leave it on here though .

It’s an absolute joke you are deleting posts here as well. I didn’t mention any posters name. Other posters did though , DrMilker and Biggusdickus , their comments naming said poster are still above my deleted comment!

Stop choosing the posters you want to speak and those you don’t want to speak in Feedback.

I asked if bigoted language is acceptable because you stated yourself that bigoted language is not acceptable according to Forumosa guidelines.
Att@cking posters is not accepted and hit with a ban.

So why is bigoted language not hit with a ban?

It’s not that hard to discern,

Anal wombs
western female land whales
Westerners are commonly obese and smelly in Taiwan

It’s very very obvious. There is no hiding the bigotry in those comments.


And why my was post temped? the one where I complain about my other post being removed?


Reiterating the same points and asking the same questions again and again isn’t feedback, whatever it is. No one else is doing that. I think anything that can be said on the specific posts in question has been said, and I’m closing this. Anyone can feel free to open a new thread for discussion on the more general themes here.

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