New name for TAIPEI 101?

I hate this name TAIPEI 101. I mean, when it was being built, it was a good name in progress, so to speak, a good tentative name, but now that is it built and UP, it needs a real name, not a construction job title. Phooey!

Would a nice bldg in New York get called New York 87?
Or London 95?
Or Tokyo 88?

No, all major buildings in the world get real names. SUch and SUch Tower, the SUch and SUCh Building, etc.

So, for those of us interested in the finer points of city life, how about coming up with some names for this skyscraper.

I will begin, but hope to hear more (and better) nominations from the rest of you. SOme in jest, okay, but mostly serious. Maybe we can come up with a real good name. Let’s put our collective cyberthoughts together and see.

  1. The Windance Tower

  2. to 100. (your ideas…)?

Ma’s Phallus, or The Phallus of Ma.


okay, how about Taiwan 101?? :laughing:

Taiwan 101 is even worse, but you were joking, I know.
And phallus jokes, while good here, just won’t work in high society, no pun intended. I mean REAL architectural names for this monstrosity in a parking lot!

Considering a bit has fallen off, how about Taipei 100 ?

oh my god, you are brilliant!!! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

yes, that was a good one, Big Fluffy! really. funny and to the point. what exactkly fell off? the entire spire? windows? people?


The 101 is already known as the TFC (Taipei Financial Center).

Here’s my list:

The Tempting Fate Tower

Look Out Below!

Someone’s Making Up for Something…

The Fickle Finger to Fate

Newton’s Folly

The Fa Ling Tower

The “Hey, If You Had 800-Ton Balls, You’d Be This Big Too” Tower

Ground Zero?

Nei Gen.

I’d imagine the PRC Air Force has a name for it too. In fact, they’ve named a cadet training course after it.

Missile Targetting 101

Everyone I know calls it Mordor…

And they call the Core Pacific Mall the Death Star

The Tongyong Tower

GOD! Get a life winter. Don’t you have anything better to do? The taiwanese can call it whatever they want. Can’t we just respect their decisions instead of challenging every stupid thing around here! Isn’t there enough stupidity around already?

Sorry I don’t mean to pick on you but all i hear is people complaining about the locals. We’re foreigners and we should have more respect for this country.

GOd, Mint, you sound like me in another dimension. Do you really mean i should get a life? that’s the 101st time someone has said that to me on this board. I think ii means one thing: i should definitely get a life. Done deal.

As for what to call the TOWER, why can’t we have some fun in the sun, Mint? I think you are much too serious lately.

Whenever people tell me to get a life, I know one for sure: they are the ones in need of fresh air. You, Mint! Go out and go for a walk.

Take two aspirin and call me in the morning. 0800-080-000



NOW…back to the topic at hand, and watch out for falling items!

I kinda like PAGODA TOWER

How about, simply, “The We Can’t Get UN Status Dammit, But We’ll Sure as Hell Build the World’s Frickin Tallest Building Building.”

Kind of has a ring to it…

scooter, could u initialize that for us? sounds good. i like it.

it really is an amazing engineering feat! and whoever built it deserves major kudos. it does give Taibei a new edge. if the edges don’t keep falling off, that is.

NAME: The Formosa Tower

The Pin

The PIN is good, but it is a wee bit on the sarcastic side. I am thinking of really good name to call it, a real name, a name that will stand the test of time. Like, if it had been built by the ACer Company, call it the ACER BUILDING. or if built by GiANT bikes, then the GIANT BUILDING. Who paid for this thing?

Maybe the BOT BUILDING, sounding out each letter BEE OH TEE?