New official list of approved language schools from MOE

[color=darkblue]Chinese Language Center List[/color]

[color=darkblue]National Taiwan Normal University [/color]
Center for Chinese Language and Culture Studies
162 Hoping East Road, Sec. 1 Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
Tel : 886-2-2321-8457
Tel : 886-2-2391-4248
FAX : 886-2-2341-8431

[color=darkblue]National Chengchi University [/color]
Center of International Education & Exchange (IEE)
64, Section 2, Zhi-nan Road, Wenshan District, Taipei 116, Taiwan, ROC
Tel: +886-2-29393091 ext. 62040, 67141
Fax: +886-2-29399850

[color=darkblue]Tamkang University[/color]
College of Continuing Education, Chinese Language Program
Tel:886-2-2321-6320 ext.39 or 52

[color=darkblue]Chinese Culture University[/color]
Mandarin Learning Center
4F, 231,Sec.2, Chien-Kuo S. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-2-27005858 ext.8131 or 8132
Fax: 886-2-27069121 or 886-2-27075312

[color=darkblue]National Taiwan University [/color]
International Chinese Language Program (ICLP)
P.O. Box 13-204,Taipei,106.Taiwan

[color=darkblue]National Taiwan University[/color]
Chinese Language Division Language Center
2F, Language Building, No.170 , Sec.2, XinHai Rd, Taipei,Taiwan, 106. R.O.C.
TEL:886-2-2362-8180 ext.222

[color=darkblue]Fu Jen Catholic University [/color]
Language Center

[color=darkblue]Fo Guang University [/color]
Chinese Language Instruction Center

[color=darkblue]National Central University [/color]
Language Center
Tel:(03)422-7151 ext.3800 or 3803
ncu3802@ ncu. edu. tw

[color=darkblue]Ming Chuan University [/color]
Mandarin Studies and Culture Center
B203, 250 Chung Shan N. Rd. Sec.5, Taipei 111 Taiwan
Tel: +886-2-2882-4564 ext 2395 or 2747

[color=darkblue]Feng Chia University [/color]
Language Center, Chinese Division
PO Box 25-202, Xitun 407 Taichung, Taiwan R.O.C.
Tel:886-4-2451 7250 Ext. 5871, 5872, 5875 , 5876
Fax:886-4-2451 0243

[color=darkblue]Tunghai University[/color]
Chinese Language Center

[color=darkblue]Providence University [/color]
Mandarin Studies and Culture Center
200, Chungchi Rd.,
Shalu, Taichung County, Taiwan 433, R.O.C.
Tel:886-4-26328001 ext.12041 , 12042

[color=darkblue]National Cheng Kung University [/color]
College of Liberal Arts, Chinese Language Center
1 Ta-Hsue Road
Tainan City 701,
Taiwan, ROC.
Tel: 886-6-2740715
Tel: 886-6-2757575 ext. 52040
Fax: 886-6-2740715

[color=darkblue]National Sun Yat-Sen University [/color]
Chinese Language Center
70 Lian-hai Rd. 80424 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
TEL:886-7-5252000 EXT.3030/3031 FAX:886-7-5253039

[color=darkblue]Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages[/color]
Center of Chinese Language
900 Mintsu 1st Road, Kaohsiung 807, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel:886+7+3426031 ext 3303, 3302

[color=darkblue]Tzu Chi University[/color]
Chinese Language Teaching Center
TEL:(03)856-5301 ext.7689 . . .

[color=red]TLI, CLI, CLD Perfect Are all NOT on the list of approved schools.[/color]

[color=red]TLI’s affiliation with Kai Nan University is not valid in the eyes of the MOE, BOCA and US TECO offices. Through my own personal experience in May 2006 at the Roosevelt TLI: They will tell you they are approved through Kainan, however, all TECO offices only recognize Kainan as an approved school if you are studying in Taoyun at Kainan. If you have an address in Taipei, mention that you will be studying at TLI or at the Roosevelt Center your visa request will be DENIED.[/color]

[color=darkblue]This information was obtained directly from the Taiwan MOE website and confirmed by the LA, SF, and Seattle TECO offices by fax and email.[/color] 4/19/2006 5:00 pm PST Updated: 5/29/2006

Interesting follow up:

I phoned Pioneer today 1/16/2006. The lady was very nice and pretty informative about the current situation with the new Visa laws. :laughing:

She said that Pioneer has petitioned the local government and the MOE to allow them to extend and issue a Visa. But they do not have plans to become affiliated with any University at this time.

She said that the local government and MOE will have an answer for them after CNY. She was confident that they would be added to the MOE’s list of approved schools.

The big question is: Does the MOE have the appropriate jurisdiction to govern non-university schools? The answer…Nope! The MOE is devising a way for local government to oversee these types of schools/institutes or to just incorporate them into the MOE’s jurisdiction. It seems likely that schools, such as TLI and Pioneer, will eventually get their Visa Extending and Issuing powers back…its all a matter of time. However, schools like CLI will most likely be black listed by the MOE for their notorious reputation of allowing students to not attend class and still qualify for extending visas…shame on them! :raspberry:

I will do my best to continue to post new information as I receive it.

I found this article on the China Post website. It is dated previous to the phonecalls I made, but nonetheless, offers some insightful information:

Visa controls to be relaxed for foreign Mandarin students

TAIPEI, CNA … 1&id=74906

"The government is planning to relax the visa restrictions on foreign students learning Mandarin Chinese in Taiwan in an effort to attract more foreign students to the country, a Ministry of Education (MOE) official said yesterday.
Under the plan, all foreign students learning Mandarin in Taiwan will be allowed to extend their visitor visas as long as their student status remains valid, according to Chang Chin-sheng, head of the MOE’s Bureau of International Cultural and Educational Relations.

Chang said details on the new measure are expected to be unveiled at the end of March at the earliest.

Currently, foreign students who are enrolled in a language center operated by a university can extend their visas as long as their student status remains valid, but those who are enrolled in private Mandarin schools can only stay for up to 60 days per visit, Chang noted.

As an exception, foreign students at a couple of private Mandarin schools that have registered with the MOE can now extend their visas twice at the maximum, which allows them to stay for up to 180 days, Chang said.

The restrictions cause great inconvenience for students and have lowered their desire to come to Taiwan to learn Mandarin, he said."

The article is a bit ambiguous…but things are looking a bit more optomistic for folks studying chinese at langugae centers.

I just went to TLI today (Feb 3rd). TLI has supposedly affiliated itself with Kainan University in Taoyuan. They told me this was definite, no problem to extend my visa, etc. This Monday’s visa extension I will still be using TLI documents. I am still a little wary since Kainan is not on the above list of approved schools. I cannot really find out from the Foreign Police since TLI will not start issuing new documents until the end of the month. I feel like I should just apply to a guaranteed school to be safe. Anyone heard anything about this new affiliation? Maybe too soon since it is just after CNY.

Also, since TLI is named on visa, will I have problems changing schools? Will I have to leave the country to do this? One woman at the police station said she wasn’t sure, the other said no problem. I guess I really won’t know until I try.

Please, because this topic is a “sticky”, only comments and information directly about what schools are or are not on the list here.

I’ve moved and merged other posts to a thread “Visas and timing for study [WAS: Approved Schools]”.

I go to CLD, and the tuition is only $12,900 now, not $14,000. At least, they haven’t said anything about it going up any higher than that! A lot of the students grumbled when the school announced the change from $9,900, because they already have work visas and don’t need to be attending a school on the “list.”

Here’s the link to CLD’s website. Not to be confused with the Chinese Language Department at Taiwan Normal University:

I think getting a visa through TLI will not be a problem at all. They are the oldest in the business here in Taiwan and seem to got a handle on that situation.

I just received my acceptance letter from Kainan University on behalf of TLI. :smiley:

The MOE lists Kainan University as “Kainan College” on their website, so I wonder if this will cause any problems when applying for a visa. Seems like a minor technicality but who knows!

So, I was wondering…

April 1st came and went, supposedly this was the release date for the NEW list of approved universities from the MOE and it was to have the names of the attached mandarin language institutes/centers.

I have looked at all the government sites and nothing is new. I do not see any revised or updated lists.

Does anyone know where the NEW updated lists can be found?

TLI was very hesitant about issuing my approval letter before April 1st. Actually they refused to. After the 1st, they were given the all clear by Kainan University/College. So I would assume that someone in their organization has a knowledge of who is approved and who is not for issuing visas to language students.

[color=red]UPDATE - 04/19/2006 5:00 PM PST[/color]

[color=red]TLI, CLI, CLD Perfect, Pioneer all are not approved for visa extensions or visa issuing beginning April 1st, 2006. [/color]

[color=darkblue]Please refer to the very first post on this thread for further information.[/color]

this list would be more user friendly if the schools were hyperlinked to their respective websites. Little help?

There is a list of schools with links on my website. I think a few of the links might be broken, but I will update the page in the next few weeks.

Here is a link to a list from the Ministry of Education. Also another version of this page with names and addresses in Chinese.

The following list was copied from here.

Chinese Language Center List

For specific details on entrance requirements and application procedures, please consult the individual Mandarin Chinese Language Center's website:

National Central University - Language Center

National Chengchi University - Center of International Education and Exchange

Chinese Culture University - Mandarin Learning Center

Fu Jen Catholic University- Language Center

Ming Chuan University - Mandarin Studies and Culture Center

National Taiwan Normal University - Mandarin Training Center

National Taiwan University - Chinese Language Division

National Taiwan University - International Chinese Language Program [](

Tamkang University - Chinese Language Program

Feng Chia University - Language Center

Tunghai University - Chinese Language Center

Providence University - Chinese Language Education Center

National Cheng Kung University - Chinese Language Center
[ ... /appd.html](

National Sun Yat-sen University - Chinese Language Center

Wenzao Ursuline College of Language - Center of Chinese Language

Fo Guang University - Chinese Language Instruction Center

Tzu Chi University - Center for Language Studies

National Chiao Tung University - Chinese Language Center

National Kaohsiung Normal University - Center of Language and Culture Teaching

Not much mention has been made of National Kaohsiung Normal University’s Mandarin language program.

Anyway, the link in the previous post was a dead end.

Here’s one:

It’s a text document.

It looks like NKNU has a pretty good program for K-Towners.

Also, the university has a Master’s Program in Hakka studies…

Is there a school around the train station in Taoyuan?

Until about a year ago, Kainan was technically a guanli xueyuan (管理學院) rather than a daxue.

The school, however, has used “university” in its English name since about 2000. So that is the reason for the discrepancy.

But at any rate Kainan is now really a university (daxue) – in both wording and in official MOE recognition. There shouldn’t be any problems getting a visa through Kainan.

Public buses from the Taoyuan train station take about 25 minutes to reach Kainan, which is in Luzhu (toward the airport).

I have been searching around the Ministry of Education website and it seems that schools such as CLI, CLD, and Pioneer are not on the government approved list. TLI is but only through Kainan College in Taoyuan apparently. Have there been any updates on this situation? Has anyone been able to extend their visitor visa through taking Chinese lessons through these schools? Pioneer claims to be able to get visa extensions on it’s website.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Is the information here (dated a year and a half ago) still current? Are TLI and the others still unable to float visas? Or is it take your papers to the consulate and take your chances? I’ve been flirting with TLI but don’t want to ship them a nonrefundable deposit purely on speculation.

Any current/recent info on this will be much appreciated.

What are you doing SQSpencer? Sending them a non refundable deposit. That should be sending off red flags from what I’ve heard unless its different than teaching. What are you putting a deposit down on? Have you seen it? I am new to this teaching English game in Taiwan but I’ve heard others echo the same sentiment as I. Believe me there are plenty of schools out there that you don’t need to work for a shady one. I say go with less risk and find a reputable school, then make sure what they ask of you is legal. For instance, many people work in kindergarten classrooms, but that is illegal, and they could get deported.
Best of luck.

Wouldn’t Ming Chuan University in Gueishan be closer to the train station than Kainan U. ? More transport options too with the Gueishan train station. Kainan is more isolated from what I recall.

MCU map:

KNU map:

I’m currently in Taichung but am looking to relocate to a smaller city. Does anyone know if there are any MOE approved schools in any of the following cities:


Didn’t see any on the list, but not all of them include the city. Thanks in advance.