New official list of approved language schools from MOE

National Cheng Kong University is in Tainan, which is quite a nice city to live in (as Taiwan cities go).

[quote=“barfomcgee”]I’m currently in Taichung but am looking to relocate to a smaller city. Does anyone know if there are any MOE approved schools in any of the following cities:


Didn’t see any on the list, but not all of them include the city. Thanks in advance.[/quote]Fo Guang is in Yilan City. The tuition fee is high but classes are really small and the teachers are professional according to my sources.

Thanks, that looks promising.

Just had a look at the website: US$4,000 per term. That is outrageously expensive! Possibly because it’s (one of) the only MOE approved language center on the east coast?

what do you guys think of National Central University? I have friends in Xing Hua, Dalin Li, would it be convenient for me to visit them from time to time if I rent in a place near that school?

No idea where “Xing Hua, Dalin Li” is, (Dalin is in southern Taiwan) but Central University is in Jungli, in northern Taiwan. One of those new ones, I believe. Basically a vocational school with a fancy name is what I’ve heard, like so many of the so-called “universities” here. Be careful. <-- this is their website. Its actually impressive. It addresses all questions of potential students in English. I wonder whats that “catch” in studying in this university. By the way, my friends are in 23 Hsing Hua Rd, Taoyuan.

Taoyuan is close to Jungli.

Hey everyone. I’ve heard from a few expat info websites that there are schools one can enroll in to get a student visa. Yes I know all schools will help you get a student visa but I hear certain ones don’t “require” you to attend classes. The problem is, these types of places are mentioned but never named or given direction to find them. Does anyone know of what I am talking about and do you know if these schools help you get a student ARC like the major universities do? Thanks.

any schools in Kaohsiung that offers ARC? and cheap tution fees?


Zhongshan Daxue

There may be others, but those are the 2 i know.

I see not all these have addresses included, and that none of those which do have addresses are in Hsinchu. ARe there really no approved schools in Hsinchu?

Here is a list that I put together sometime back. You can sort it by different categories using the headings on top.

Please let me know if any of the information is out of date.