New online Chinese English dictionary

do you prefer using 1 window with frames or using current interface(multiple windows where user can adjust and arrange the windows themself)

  • 1 window multiple frames
  • current interface(multiple windows)

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Hi all,
I just released my online dictionary, while waiting to be listed in search engines and web directories (for another month :frowning: ), I am putting my link here for promotion and education :slight_smile:

well it is based on CEDICT so it uses PinYin, but it is also based on traditional characters version of CEDICT.

thank you

ps: if it is possible, please read the requirements first :slight_smile:

Looks useful. Some comments:

Some usage is different for PRC vs Taiwan or HK. It’s not clear from the search reasons which might be which.

It is not clear what the Simplified Chinese equivalents might be from the search results.

The search results come out in a separate window which ends up way to the right of my screen. I’m not sure if this is just my PC setup… I had to pull it all the way to the left to view the results properly.