New pads for flute?

Hi, does anybody know where to get a new set of pads for a flute? Would be important that the respective shop sells just the pads, sometimes they just fit them themselves, which would be a cost issue … asking for a friend who lives in Taoyuan, so the greater Taipei area would be o.k., thanks! Xpet.

If you can give me a better description of these pads I might be able to find out for you. I got no idea what these pads are, but there’s flute classes at my company. The teacher should now about a flute shop.

Hi, and thanks for the response! … flute classes at the company, I wonder where you’re working, doesn’t sound so bad … !

If you look at this pic:

you will see a series of keys that are like little lids closing the holes of the flute (basically what you do with your fingers on a recorder). These keys are padded so as to close tightly and not to produce too much noise when closing the holes while playing. The pads are usually made of leather, maybe there are also other materials I’m not aware of. Anyway, it’s these pads we’re looking for, thanks a lot! Xpet.

How much does a flute like that cost?

… as I said above, I’m posting this for a friend, but afaik they go for anywhere between US$500,- to US$4000,- or even more …


When you re-pad a flute you need to need to put little paper shims underneath the pads so that the pad closes on to the hole in the flute’s body evenly and does not allow any air leaks. You can use a little piece of cigarette paper to test around the edges. It is quite a time consuming process.

PM me if you need further instructions.

Ai DiMing


thanks, as said earlier, I posted this for a friend, he’s played flute for quite a few years and has done this re-padding thing before, I’ll let him know about your paper-test tip though, thanks! Xpet.

Place: Masa instrument repair
Tel: 23046789
Address: Ding Zho Rd, Sec 1, #2
Directions: (Take Chung Hua Rd, to Sec 2, #34, there’s a 7–11 on corner, turn in 50 feet, see store with instruments in window)

Place: Yamaha Music (behind Howard plaza hotel)
Tel: 2709 1266

Place: Jupiter intrument company
Tel: 22825150-3

offpeak, thanks a lot, I’ll forward your info! Didn’t think anybody would still come up with any “hard info” on the question, thanks! Xpet.