New passport and re-entry

Ok, could somebody help me out with this one. My Canadian passport is full. I want to get a new one with but am unsure of something. MY ARC expires in August 2005 and I have a re-entry stamp. What happens when you get a new passport. Do you take the old one to the foreign police and they change it over. Or do you just bring the old one every time you go on a trip.

Thanks in advance for any help


I spent several months carrying 2 passports: my old one with the visa & reentry permit, and the new one (which got stamped). Never caused a problem.

One other thing to notice though is that your ARC has your passport number on it - which will change with a new passport (I assume - a new UK passport has a new number). Officially you should update your ARC; perhaps they’ll give you a new Reentry permit in your new passport at the same time.

Thanks for this info. My passport is also expiring!
Do they punch holes in the old passport?

How long does it take to get a new Canadian passport?

They cut off the corner and stamp it “cancelled”. Here in Taipei, it takes 15 days to get a new passport, if memory serves. One problem; they don’t issue machine readable passports or at least they didn’t as of 2003. This might be a consideration if you plan to travel to the US after October 26th this year when they’re new security restrictions come into effect. No problem re-entering Taiwan. Just present both your cancelled passport with your re-entry permit and your new passport. You can go to the foreign affair police on your return and get a re-entry permit sticker for your new passport.

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They only do passport from 1:30 - 4:30, learned from experience

Has any of this information changed?

My situation is this:

  1. My Visa, re-entry permit and ARC are all finished on Oct 31/05
  2. My Passport only has one page left in it, and is finished Apr. 26/06

If I understand correctly, I wouldn’t be able to get a new ARC when the time rolls around, because my Passport would be expiring in the 6 months.

I need a new Passport anyways, because it’s full.

Do I just go go the Canadian trade office (whever it is), pay the fee, and get a new Passport, easy as pie?

Have any Canadians got a new Passport here?

Sorry if this has ben covered already, I did a search and couldn’t find anything.

Got mine here. Not hard, just download the forms off the internet. The hardest part was finding someone that meets their qualifications here to be my guarantor. Another thing you will need to do that is kinda troublesome is finding a photo studio that can do passport photos that have the proper paper and backing. It took 2 trips, one to drop off the paperwork, and another to pick it up. The crappy thing is they only do passport stuff from 1:30 - 4:30pm so you will need to take time off work. BTW, be there before 1pm to get your number slip. The line gets long if you arrive after 1:30pm.

you can download the form online - go here:

be sure to follow things to a “t”, as they are often difficult. the hours are still quite limited. you need to make sure the pictures are the right size, which does not correspond to the passport picture size common in taiwan.

expect long waits in general, as with anything canadian government related. it took 45 minutes of waiting for them to let me into the little booth to pick the damn thing up. they will not just hand it over to you - you must sit and wait.

also, you still need a guaranteur, which can be tough here as many people don’t want to get involved with something they don’t understand.

Just go with your old and new passport + ARC to the foreign affairs police, they’ll transfer the re-entry to your new passport and if I’m right will re-issue or change the passport# on the ARC.

Actually I forgot what they did with my # when I went to get my re-entry changed in my new passport and running ARC.

Does anyone know the address of the Canadian Trade Office? (or wherever I can get a new passport)

I found it. I should have searched first. :blush:
For anyone that wants to know in the future, it’s:

Canadian Trade Office in Taipei
13F, 365 Fuxing N. Rd., Taipei
Tel: 02-2544-3000