New Passport (South African)

Hi All

In my infinite wisdom, I have managed to misplace my passport. I have reported it to immigration and have since also applied for a new one. Unfortunately, my countrymen are just as fast asleep as I am. I will be going back home for vacation on an emergency passport which only allows me to go home (enter South Africa).

So I will get a new passport while I am there.

My question is, can I enter Taiwan with my current ARC ( and new passport) which obv shows my old passport number? Then renew my ARC as soon as possible.


yes, I’ve done it before, although I also brought my old/expired passport back with the new one (which I used to enter Taiwan).
then within a week, took trip to immigration to change passport # and get new ARC with new pp # on it.

when you leave Taiwan, maybe just ask at immigration counter if you should do anything else (maybe retain temporary passport to show them when you re-enter)

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Like above says. Ask immigration on the way out and let them know you will return with a new one. They like seeing that departure stamp date.

I have been given crap a couple timea coming for this. Was very solvable but an extra hour or two coming back.

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Thinking out of the box here.
If you have e gate access in Taiwan, you won’t have to deal with the immigration. (And show them passport)
Egate only use ArC

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need valid passport to sign up for egate.
can do it when he brings one back.

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Thanks, i will go talk to them before i leave.

Thanks for the replies all. I will make a trip to immigration just to be sure.

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