New PayPal regulations


PDF link to the eight “easy” steps to get the Digital Certificate


Check out Transferwise borderless account. You personally or your business can get a US based account even if living abroad.


Anywhere but Taiwan, 28 currencies, no NT$.


Great. Another pointless hurdle.
Just looked at the PDF “outline” for this process. The government could save a lot of time and money by using a template for these things, instead of paying someone to write them out and add pictures that look like they belong in a kindergarten English book.
I suggest:

(Name of government department)
Dear furrigner,
We aren’t going to help you at all, and if anything happens it’s your fault. The charge for this is NT$___________.
Please sign here_________________________.


Agree, “cuteness” is over the top these days. Here is a very detailed explanation of the procedure by someone who deserves a lot of credit for writing it up. He says "not surprisingly – in practice everything is a lot more complicated than these 8 bullet points."


Cheers for that!


Ha, you need a CC to pay, :roll_eyes: :rofl:
And when not payed on time they just cancel it? :thinking: :face_with_hand_over_mouth: :scream:

“for some reason, the bill cannot be settled at the time of the application, but needed to be done online.” :smirk:


After making payment and receiving the card, you have to buy and install a card reader, and download some dubious plugins from the government web site and make the lowest possible security settings on your IE browser to get it working, according the guy’s detailed blog. And it’s all to make the internet more secure for you. :roll_eyes::wink:


would be another option


Payoneer works well for receiving money and it gets you a Mastercard debit card. As of now you can withdraw money in US dollars to Taiwan, if you have a US dollar account in Taiwan.


I just added a bitcoin widget to my website. I’m hoping to avoid this Mickey Mouse show. Why is this such a pain? It’s almost 2018!
Imma check out Payoneer too.


how about sending money from a paypal account to a payoneer account? and are there any charges for withdrawing money here?


Payoneer takes 1% for transfers from Paypal to your Payoneer Mastercard.


You can also go to the bank and fill in forms for a few hours instead of going to the NIA. There is no charge there.

I don’t understand how either process from completely different places achieve the same result. I did it this morning. I need to register online for something after 10 pm and then I should be able to withdraw from Paypal as well as trade in the Stock exchange from my online banking site.


Sorry for asking a different topic here but I couldn’t add a new topic posting. I was wondering if anyone on this forum is using Skrill and has a Skrill card. Please pm me, I have some funds in my Skrill account that I want to withdraw out urgently.