New photo re-size feature. Can it be fiddled with?

Would it be possible to make it so that when you put the mouse pointer over images and they enlarge that they wouldn’t enlarge to become larger than the screen.

Like in the Typhoon forum. It stretches to the point where you can’t read the right part of the image. … 892#579892

Thanks guys. This is a great forum. I like the new changes. Keep up the good work. :bravo:

That’s probably just our fault for posting wider-than-screen images. There’s a real trade-off if the image is hot-linked and auto-updating like the JTWC storm paths. It’s very valuable to hot link them so that they update by themselves; that way we don’t have to keep accessing, saving, uploading and linking the images. On the other hand, they cause the problem you mentioned.

Once the image shrinks, the page returns to normal, so I think it’s acceptable.

The alternative is to use something like the free MWSnap screen capture utility to save only the left-hand storm path image, separately capturing the windspeeds etc. on the right side. That way the image is narrower, but it’s twelve times as much work (x2 to do both sides, x6 to upload about six times over the course of the storm’s progress). So having a stretched screen in this one particular thread is acceptable, to me.

Sure, if there’s some way our whiz-kid admins can reprogram it so the image is automatically resized to a certain maximum, that’d be great! :slight_smile:


Dudes… when that happens, just use the right cursor on the keyboard to move the screen across and see the rest of the image.

To see the right part of the image, buy another screen and put it on the right side of your existing one.

To see the bottom part, look under the table.


I know, but then you lose the valuable auto-updating of the typhoon map. For other images, of course, yes!

Wow. That makes sense.

I’m from Canada ehhhhhhh…They say i’m sloooooowwwwww…ehhhhhhhh

I position the pointer over the image and use the keyboard’s left, right, up and down keys to scroll the image around.