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I’m just finishing my Bachelor’s degree in July and I would love to come to Taiwan to teach english. I found about HESS, as a reputable school and therefore I applied for HESS just a few days ago.

But today i read some posts in here about HESS of how you end up doing so much more than what you’re paid for. and I don’t really want my start to be so hectic and full on.

I’m not lazy and am prepared to work but but like everyone, I also want the best opportunity out there.

Can somebody pls advsise me, on which school i should i apply for or something like that…
I want a job guaranteed before i come to taiwan.

thank u so much


i’ve been looking around heaps n have heard some good things about John Dewey. Is this a good school to start off with? d i’m prepared to work hard and will do all i can; but i just want to start off with a good school.

thnx ppl

Hess makes you do unpaid work, between 30 minutes- 2 hours a day. But basically, that’s grading homework, grading tests, and preparation. Sometimes you need to write home to parents. You don’t get paid for it, you are only paid for teaching and phone calls.

But that doesn’t mean they’re worse than everyone else. Most schools will have you grade homework and grade papers for no extra money.

Dewey is an agent, not a school. For an agent he has a good rep., but I wouldn’t recommend going through an agent.

I think ,as scary as it is, you should come here and check out some schools before you commit to any agent or school.

I started at a bigger place like Hess, and i think the training I got was much better than being thrown into a small school, with little or no training.

I thought I had experience, but its a whole different world here.

hey thanx for the advice guys!!!

HESS has already accepted my application. and is it really a good idea if i come to Taiwan first n then look for a job. i mean what if i don’t find work for weeks.

it’s just that i’ve read a lot of different opinions n stories (obviously there is going to be variation in opinions) so i’m a lil but confused whether what to do with HESS or John Dewey or is there any other schools that are better than HESS. Schools with good pay/benefits which also look good on ur resume n stuff.

thanx heaps for ur advice!!

Whether Hess is right for you depends on what you want. Hess is a good way to come to Taiwan because they’ll guarantee you a job before landing and handle all your paperwork. Hess also provides training before dropping teachers in a classroom. However you will be VERY BUSY if you work for Hess and after you’ve gotten your sea legs in Taiwan you might want a better gig.


[quote=“energy”]I think ,as scary as it is, you should come here and check out some schools before you commit to any agent or school.

I agree.

The pay at Hess is lower than most schools as well.

HESS is the only organization that guarantees the job before you arrive in Taiwan; as i’ve found out.

[color=red]Contract C Hess Kindergarten (full-time)
HLS (part-time) 25 hours per week at the kindergarten (Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm), plus 6 to 10 hours per week at HLS. More daytime work hours - ideal for those wanting professional experience in early childhood education.

NST’s teaching at Hess Kindergarten begin teaching at NT$560/hour. Kindergarten raises are given once per semester. [/color]

this contract for example would earn $56000/month; but it also leaves time for me to teach at other places where i can get paid at a higher rate.

to me HESS only sounds like a good idea cos it guarantees you a job, and after a year u get some TEFL certificate and experience.

and in my case, all i have is English and a bachelor’s degree - no experience in teaching.

is there any other schools that anybody can recommend that would put me better off than HESS.

i wanna work in Taipei.

I’m not so sure about getting a cert through them…if you do, it will be their own certificate, not a worldwide recognized one.

Yeah, the Hess TEFL certificate is a Junior G-Man badge. That and a rail pass will get you a ride on the train. :wink:

All I have is English and a bachelor’s degree - no experience in teaching.

is there any other schools that anybody can recommend that would put me better off than HESS.

i wanna work in Taipei also.

thank u

Hess isn’t the only gig in town that will guarantee the job before you land here, although they are probably one of the only organisations that won’t try to hard to get rid of you if they think you look funny or something. That being said, it all depends on the set up of the individual school and if it is a branch of the head office or part of a franchise operation.

John Dewey as an agency is pretty good, however, it does depend on the agent that you are using. Personally, I think that Andrew and Cliff are very reputable and hardworking Dewey agents that work really hard in the best interests of both the school and the teacher. Others have gotten a very hard time on Forumosa for some of their posts.

All of the companies discussed here will deal with kindergartens. NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE TOLD, teaching kindergarten in Taiwan IS NOT LEGAL and can get you in a lot of trouble and cause you a lot of stress throughout the year. It is not worth it. In the past, I don’t speak for now, Hess advertised kindergarten teaching as a legal option and had contracts tailored for such positions. There is a thread about it… … stery+Hess … started by moi.

Personally, I’d like to work for an organisation with transparent business practices and ethics that don’t dive headlong into the grey areas of the law that Taiwanese love to play with when all the time there are no grey areas, just areas that corrupt greedy people wish to exploit (allegedly).

My advice is this. Take a job that meets the requirements…

  1. The place where you will be teaching is licenced
  2. The place where you will be teaching is the place that is offering you the work permit and the address on the work permit is the same address where you will be working.
  3. There is NO outsourcing to other schools
  4. There is no kindergarten work
  5. The school will supply insurance and do the right thing by the tax office.
  6. There is no talk about security deposits being taken off your salary to keep you there for a year.

If a school tries to convince you that the grey areas are OK, RUN and don’t look back. The hassles are not worth it. If they lie to you about that, they’ll lie to you about other things too.

Back to Hess… it would be a great way to start your time in Taiwan and get your island feet if you take the language school only option. Even then, don’t get caught up in the game of running around between branches unless they get a work permit for each branch that you will be teaching at.

Dewey… looking at their website I can see a K-12 section… stay clear of the K = kindergarten section.
That being said, clicking on that link gets you into the government school jobs link. That may be worth a good look. Morning teaching hours is a good warning that it’s probably Kindy work. Although, this is not always the case.

Check things out first, things in Taiwan are almost never as they seem.

Please stay away from one recruiter that has the name of a fictional fire breathing large lizard like creature in its company name. There is, “allegedly”, more to the contract than meets the eye.

P.m me if you have questions about that one.

I got a job overseas from a private school before I came. Hess isn’t the only one who does that. As far as having to spend weeks looking for a job, as long as you are dressed halfway decently, sober on a regular basis, get along with kids, and white, you can practically walk into any job here.

It seems the nicest thing about working for Hess is that they will send a Chinese teacher to the hospital to hold places in line for their employees so they can jump the queue ahead of everyone else when you do your health exam. She seemed a bit taken aback when she came up to me and asked if I worked for Hess and I said, “Hell no!” So much for getting to cut in front of everyone else today…

It really isn’t all that difficult to get a job. I strongly recommend that you just come and look at a few places. Most will hire you immediately if you just look half decent–no experience necessary. You should check out a couple and compare their management styles to find the one that suits you best. Your first year will be miserable if you don’t like your work environment.

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