New Policy towards Mainland brides: bullshit bullshit

I felt angry when i saw it on the news.
How can they do that?

They stupit law makers now have a new policy toward the China brides.
The new law is like,as a China bride,if you want to get the Taiwanese nation then you’ll have to

  1. Prove that your income is at least 32000NT/month
  2. Or,pay 5000000NT deposit.

Somebody please tell me what is that? If those law makers use their brain (if they have brains) then they should know that it’s pretty much impossible for those family to make it! The avrage salary for a college-graduated student is about 23000-28000, even my ex-coworkers who work full-time in english school got pay for less than 32000 a month so how the hell can those china bride make it??? :bluemad:

And we have to admit that some of the men who marries china bride are not too rich so how can they pay the god damn 5000000 deposit? It’s totally rediculous to me. One of the china bride cried on tv and complained: “The rule for vietnam brides is 3 years but for us is 7,8 years! Why us? " One of the husband saied:
" Marriage is not a trade. Please think as our position.”
“I just want to be with my family. What should my baby do if we can’t afford the money?” another bride cried on tv…

And you know what’s the reason they make the law so f*** strict for them? One of the law maker (he also belongs to the “Taiwan Independent Party”) said:
" If the law is loose,i mean if we make it easy for them to get Taiwanese nation then it’ll be very serious. Becuz they can participate in our politics if they are elected as a law maker… What if they go and change our law? So we have to be really careful with this issu blah blah blah" I mean,come on! Why will those china brides want to be a law maker here? They care about their kids not the politics. It’s another issue. They are just women who marries to a Taiwanese guy and wants to be build a happy family like anyone else.

Gee…i really feel angry about this stupid law…

Isn’t that the now same conditions as any foreigner wanting a APRC ?
I’m a little confused about this, was it easier for a Chinese than other foreigners to get a APRC before ? Can someone clear this up for me ? Hartzell ?

According to another thread the DPP never makes policies like this, so it must be some mistake…

Immigration policies have to be made with the interests of the nation in mind. I’m not saying that ROC, US or other countries’ immigration restrictions are all correct, but nations can’t just forget about their interests. Concerning your indignation about the ROC’s China bride policies, may I suggest that you come over to Hong Kong and have a look around areas like Shatin and Shangshui where the concentration of mainlanders is high. Relative to Hong Kongers and Taiwanese, mainlanders have no respect for the rule of law. Most China brides also have no applicable job skills for the Hong Kong or Taiwanese labor markets. Since 1997, areas like Shatin and Shangshui have slid into the gutter, mainly because of uneducated mainlanders who have no concept of civility or understanding of HK’s different practices. Do you want that for Taiwan? If not, please suggest a better policy for dealing with mainland brides.

Jacana, I find it hard to share your outrage this time. In my opinion, the new regulations are entirely reasonable.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that most of those foreign brides from China have been purchased by their husbands. Their marriages are purely commercial transactions. The husbands just want young, good-looking, healthy women to bear their children and serve as unpaid skivvies for them and their families. The women just want the chance to escape from their poverty and hopeless futures in China. By marrying a Taiwanese man, however loathsome they may find him, they can at least enjoy some basic material comforts that they wouldn’t even be able to dream of back home, will be able to get some money for their family from the purchase price, and may even be able to send a little money back to them from time to time.

The other kind of marriage between Taiwanese men and Chinese women, marriage for love, is very different, and will hardly be affected by the new regulations. Those Taiwanese men who go to mainland China for business, study, travel, or whatever, meet and fall in love with a local girl there, and marry and bring her back to Taiwan, will almost certainly be able to meet those very modest financial stipulations very easily indeed. This kind of marriage can hardly be objected to, and no unnecessary obstacles should be put in the way of letting such couples live together in Taiwan, but that is far from being the case with the first and more common kind of marriage.

Bear in mind that most of the Chinese girls who sell themselves into marriage with Taiwanese men are very poorly educated and have little or nothing in the way of valuable skills or knowledge to bring over here. They are not only unlikely to be able to make much contribution to Taiwan’s society, but are very likely to end up being a burden on the rest of society, draining away precious social welfare resources, and causing all kinds of social problems.

Finally, why should foreign spouses from China be treated any differently from other foreign spouses? I am a foreign spouse, and to obtain permanent residence, I, too, must prove possession of assets with a value of NT$5 million or income at least double the minimum wage – in other words, exactly the same conditions as those to be applied to mainland brides.

All in all, the new stipulation is entirely reasonable and necessary. Don’t be misled by the politicians who are leading the outcry against it – they are doing so solely with the aim of scoring political points, and don’t really give a damn about the welfare and interests of the mainland brides or their local spouses.

I don’t think a “wealth filter” is going to work, but JT is correct that this is an issue that needs to be dealt with. Nor is it a problem unique to Taiwan, and governments of wealthier nations around the world are having to find ways of dealing with this.

I’ll throw this into this thread since these two issues are related. As Omni wrote above, most of the “China brides” coming to Taiwan are actually just coming to work as prostitutes. Do they know that’s what they’ll be doing? I think they often do. Many mainland women also come to HK on tourist visas and then work in brothels. If the government is really serious about controlling the flow of mainland women into Taiwan (or HK), then I think they should just create a special work permit for them. Mainland women can apply on their own, with a nominal feel, to semi-governmental agents. The agents can act as middlemen between the prostitutes and the brothels. The women can stay for six months or a year and then they have to go back. They can re-apply if they want to return. As a condition of their visas, they have to go for STD testing every couple of months. My thinking is that both the HK and ROC governments could handle this more like the way domestic helpers are handled. Yes, domestic helpers are exploited, but at least there are laws and procedures for handling them. When prostitution is forced underground, it usually leads to more profit for organized crime at the expense of the prostitutes. If these DPP or TSU guys are really serious about controlling the flow of mainland women into Taiwan, then they should propose laws for legalizing and managing mainland prostitutes; that’s what most of these women are anyway. Do I think this will ever happen? Hell no.

APRC and Taiwanese nationality are different things. I may be able to get an APRC through my marriage in a relativly short time, but I can never have Taiwanese nationality. I don’t think the money is fair, but I also don’t think it’s fair that I can’t just purchase Taiwanese nationality for myself, like a Main Land Bride can.

[quote=“jacana”]They stupit law makers now have a new policy toward the China brides.
The new law is like,as a China bride,if you want to get the Taiwanese nation then you’ll have to[/quote]
That’s permanent residency, not ROC nationality.

[quote]1. Prove that your income is at least 32000NT/month
2. Or,pay 5000000NT deposit.[/quote]
There is no “payment” or “deposit.” Applicants must show that they have assets totaling NT$5 million; they don’t have to hand over anything. They can include assets from their spouse and in-laws.

These figures are exactly the same as non-Chinese foreigners have already had applied to them.

isn’t lien zhen, born in china, a “foreign” spouse? will such be retroactive to anyone not born on taiwan?

Lien Chan was born in Tainan, unless I’m mistaken.

During the Mesozoic Era, I believe.

Can anyone else see more to come. Perhaps us foreign spouses will get our open work rights taken away.
:fume: :fume: :fume:
:upyours: to Lien, he is a :wanker:

lien was born in xian.
soong was also born on the mainland ( i forget where).
ma ying jiu was born in HK.

kinda odd how mainland chinese set restrictions on other mainland chinese.

Do you have any statistics or any evidence whatsoever to prove that assertion?

Are you sure about that? I was under the assumption that you could qualify for citizenship after something like being married to a Taiwanese for three years. Moreover, as a woman, you wouldn’t have to worry about serving in the army.

Wouldn’t STD testing after every session of intercourse be more reasonable?

Do you realize that you have just insulted the relatives of a large number of DPP, KMT, and PFP legislators, and Taiwan government officials???

Be careful you are not sued for libel.

Huh? Do any countries with legalized prostitution do this? Of course not. They mandate the use of condoms and test sex workers every one, two or three months. What logic is there in testing after every sexual encounter?

[quote=“marky”]Do you realize that you have just insulted the relatives of a large number of DPP, KMT, and PFP legislators, and Taiwan government officials??? Be careful you are not sued for libel.
[/quote] Please explain to me how it is insulting or libellous to propose that the importation and management of mainland prostitutes should be legalized and regulated?

Do you realize that you have just insulted the relatives of a large number of DPP, KMT, and PFP legislators, and Taiwan government officials???

Be careful you are not sued for libel.[/quote]

Most “DPP, KMT, and PFP legislators, and Taiwan government officials” are prostitutes too. There. Sue me. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

And from the China Post today:

[quote]However, yesterday evening the option of proving the couple had funds amounting to NT$5 million appeared to have been scrapped.

Chien said the government had not had a change of heart.

"This is not a turnaround. We are simply clarifying the law even further," he said.

However, Wednesday’s announcement of the NT$ 5 million option attracted much attention from the local press and indignation from the public. Many said the laws were discriminatory as Taiwanese men seeking Chinese brides were usually poor. [/quote] … 6553&GRP=B

Clarifying the law even further!!! O-kay…

[quote]“Five million! If my husband had five million, he would never have married me, a new bride from the mainland,” a young Chinese bride was quoted as saying in the China Times[/quote]Why would she want to marry this man ?

[quote]Presidential challenger Lien “I don’t want my child marrying a foreigner”* Chan also jumped on the bandwagon yesterday, labelling the NT$5 million option as a human rights abuse. “The DPP-controlled government glorifies human rights and nation-building … are these discriminatory actions giving people human rights?” [/quote] :laughing: :laughing: :upyours: :wanker:

*I added this bit