New policy


Alright, well, so if the site policy is now supporting Guo and disallowing any opposing views, so be it.
It’s you all’s sandbox.
Maybe you should make a formal announcement, though, so folks don’t waste their time.
Just a suggestion.


Well, it’s not. Glad we got that sorted out.


You guys need to get on the stick, man.
A couple well placed calls and you get the Flob F


on the sleeve of the next round of Tucheng Terry’s campaign polos.
Go with a winner!
Profitability in our time!!


Are you talking about this temp?

I’m not sure why it’s there either…


No, good sir, I’m talking about another post entirely that, unfortunately, cannot be seen anymore, given its non-conformity with currently dictated site policies


Because the guy wants a hat. If anyone wants to have a political conversation, there are plenty of threads.


I’m totally confused, someone wanted a hat so they are in temp and @Rocket , something about something should exist but I can’t find it.

I going to be a cat and love the contribution and then hate you.


Ah, perhaps I can clarify things

This is the OP


The guy wants a hat that exclusively endorses a political candidate.


I don’t care. If it’s not about getting the hat, it can be discussed in another thread.

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