New Q&A platform about living and working all around Asia

I just launched a new Q&A platform that lets you ask, share, or read about living and working all around Asia, would love to hear what you guys think!

After 10 years of living in Taiwan and moving about to different parts of Asia for months at a time, I felt a need for a platform where I could directly ask people in other cool Asian cities about their experiences traveling, working, or just chilling out. The desktop alpha launch version is here.

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Looks promising. Any interest in cross promoting JourneyFoxx and Forumosa?

(Testing OneBoxing on Forumosa)

Nice colour scheme.

This is cool. Looks like you’ve already got some good content. But out of curiosity, what differentiates this from using Quora?

There is definitely interest in cross promoting Forumosa and Journeyfoxx. I think our mission to help expats are aligned. Would love to chat with someone who runs Forumosa :slight_smile:

Thanks! We tried to stear away from the serious blues and reds of Facebook/LinkedIn and Quora

This is a great question. Quora is a smorgasboard of information, with a big part of it all about coding, startups, and some quite “geeky” topics. Living and traveling abroad deserves it’s own platform for passionate expats and travelers to build a community where we can go for learning or just entertainment.

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you replied to the person, @GooseEgg.