New right-wing RovePAC "shadow RNC" lobby on the attack

Karl Rove, the ironic author of memoir, “Courage and Consequence: My Life as a Conservative in the Fight” and 7-month divorcee, joined ex-RNC chair Ed Gillespie earlier this year to launch an attack-dog political lobby.

They signed on the former general counsel of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Steven J. Law to be president and CEO. (source) If one were to hire a lobbying specialist, tapping the Chamber makes sense.

American Crossroads has reportedly raised about $5M, mostly from 4 billionaires; 3 from Dallas, 2 from Oil and Gas. (source) The right-wing attack PAC quickly spun off a more anonymous group called American Crossroads GPS, and apparently “will conduct “in-depth research on congressional expense account Abuses,” to blame Democrats for “failed border controls” and to frame the BP oil spill as “Obama’s Katrina.”

According to an American Crossroads GPS concept paper on ‘Grassroots Policy Strategies’:[quote]Policy Research & Education Mission: research, test, educate and galvanize citizens on high-resonance issues affecting the government and economy:
[ul][li]Exposing ObamaCare[/li]
[li]The great “stimulus” rip-off: hundreds of billions of deficit dollars used to prop
up bloated state government payrolls[/li]
[li]The new federal bureaucrat elite – paid for by struggling private sector families[/li]
[li]Reforming Congress: in-depth research on congressional expense account
abuses; mandating fiduciary-quality standards for Congress[/li]
[li]Other timely issues: failed border controls, “Obama’s Katrina”[/li][/ul]

Timeline: build team in June, complete research projects in July, deploy advertising
and other issue information in August/September in key markets

Costs: Issue research: $3 million; polling research: $2 million; issue advocacy: $18 million;
list acquisition and enhancement: $5 million; targeted grassroots advocacy: $15 million[/quote]
Can’t wait to see what boss “warpig” Rove empowered with private cash will come up with smear rival candidates with. Maybe RovePAC will be able to help radical right-wing Sharron Angle defeat Harry Reid in Nevada: