New Rules ... Links

Alright, if one more of you link this website (sorry I need to link it one last time to make sure everyone is clear):

you should be banned for two weeks.

TOUCH ME PLEASE: “Welcome to see our successful examples” smh: :facepalm:

This site doesn’t link to the story, it always goes back to the horrid FUCKING front page. Every time I open that page I like Taiwan a little less, and if you jack-donkeys keep linking it I am going to end up leaving this country. It’s basically a Forumosa rick roll, except this time I don’t get to hear the sultry ginger soul of one Rick Astley.

And that fucking EVA Air preflight classical music they play as you peruse the site. FUCKING HELL!!! I am pulling for you Taiwan, but Jesus H. Christ, you gotta give me something, here, c’mon…

Make it go away, stop giving those amateurish retard hacks traffic.