New Russian Church in Taipei?!

Does anybody know the contact information for Christ the Savior Patriarchal Parish in Taipei (Moscow Patriarchate)? It apparently started in 2012, and has a priest named Kirill. See the article, “The rite of blessing of a ship performed for the first time in Taiwan,” … ing_en.htm

or … -in-taiwan

and a related (but very sparse) Facebook page, … =3&theater

There has been a Greek church in Taipei (presently Hsintien, formerly Tienmu) since about 2001, and before that, a group of Russians who were infrequently visited by the bishop of Japan. I wonder about the politics of all this. If Taiwan is considered part of the territory of China or Japan, then the Russians should have jurisdiction; if it is independent, then it belongs to the Ecumenical Patriarch. (The Greek church is under the Ecumenical Patriarch.) Also, there has been a lot of developments in Russian-Chinese relations, including talks about Orthodoxy in China, so maybe this is related…? … in-taiwan/

Perhaps this is the response you mentioned. Not sure about all of this, just providing info.

I recently got back to Taiwan. However, I do believe that this is the church you are looking for.
It appears to be part of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia and, as such, should be canonical.
Saturday: Great Vespers 7PM
Sunday Liturgy 10:30

Address: #22 Hulin St., Lane 88, Taipei City (exit Yongchun MRT station Exit 5, and go north)