New S5 is a battery eater

I just bought an S5 (S4 lifted by a pro pickpocket in Thailand, only 6 months old) and while it has some advantages over the S4 it also eats the battery like a rabid pitbull.

What can I do to save battery power? Disable unused apps? Dim the screen? Turn off wifi and location when not needed?

Also doesn’t seem to take as good a pics as the S4 even though it has more setting options.

The battery looks physically smaller than the S4’s and I need to carry a back up charger pack for a full day out.

Suggestions please

Whats an S5 ? I think I know, but Im not sure i know that I know.

ps. nvm its not an Audi S5. So back to Samsung.

S5 = Samsung Galaxy S5.

I barely get 6 hours out of my Note 3 only 6 months old. I’ve tried everything mentioned on every website I can find that suggests improvements.

It’s actually worse than my iPhone 5S on battery.

6 hours from a Note 3 you should take it to assistance, it should easily last 2 days.

The best way to enjoy a Samsung phone is to void the warranty and install a custom rom, just like the best way to enjoy an iphone is to void the warranty and jailbreak it xD

Start by installing GSam battery monitor and Wakelock Detector off the Play Store. That will give you an idea of what exactly is eating up the battery, and you can begin troubleshooting from there.

In fact, you don’t need that. If you go to configuration>Battery use you should find all the details. It could very well be that the battery is busted. In that case, the S5 allows you to just swap the battery for a new one. The size doesn’t matter as much as the mAh that the battery has.

Recently I had an Android Upgrade, to 4.4.2 and it auto-enabled all kinds of crap on my Sony like Google-Backup. Google-Backup drained my battery so fast I had to recharge twice a day. And I thought the NSA can at least have the decency to load data by themselves so I disabled it. And gone was the battery problem.

When I try to turn “Backup” off, it say it will also delete bookmarks, application data, other settings, wi-fi passwords, etc. data and copies. So I am reluctant to turn it off.

But that was the problem in mine, had made a difference of a hot cellphone with empty batteries twice a day and one which needs charging only daily and stays cool. I understood that the stuff this message was referring to (I think I had it too) was talking about Backups of all that and so I did not care.
Yet I reject all responsibility for any side effects!

Cancelling Google/Auto-back up and keeping the phone on Power Save function has helped a lot.

Edit: now some more recent pics taken and stored on the card are not displaying - faulty card?