New Scooter Maintainence Reccomendations

I have seen some good scooter info on here. I’d like to hear from some of those in the know with some suggested tips on keeping my new scooter running in tip top manner.

Its a KYMCO G4 SR fuel injected 125cc. My dealer in Tainan appears to be a very good one. He has the training and equiptment to deal with the fuel injection and other items on this model. Any additional suggestions from anyone? :slight_smile:

See the thread on scooter maintenance here;
[Scooter Maintenance

Also you need to think about how best to run in the engine. Standrad advice given by manufacturers seems to be to drive it very slowly for the first few hundred km, and continue reasonably slowly until you’ve reached 1000km.

I had my engine completely rebuilt, and ran it at 5000rpm and under for the first 800km. It was very frustrating at the time, but it has paid off. Over a year later, my engine is still very strong.

Thanks Joe…the dealer has me coming back @ 300 kilom’s for a change of engine and gear oil. He reccomended keeping it under 60 kph for the 1st 1000 kilom’s. And bring it back in then for another maitenance check and engine oil change.
The fuel injected engine seems to be a bit new here. A few of the dealers actually tried to pursade me away from it. Of course neither did they have any on their floor. And probably they did not have the tools or expertise to service that feature.
Just curious if any feedback on this.

Your dealer sounds fine. He’s correct about the oil change around 300km.

Fuel injection is a great thing. I might be wrong, but I don’t think it needs much maintenance, indeed should require less.