New security restrictions at airport

Just got this from the BTCO: … newsid=254

New aviation security measures will be effective from March 1, 2007, for carry-on baggage on international flights, including charter flights, departing, transfer and transit in Taiwan area:

1.The United Kingdom authorities reported on August 10, 2006 they had succeeded in disrupting an alleged terrorist plot against civil aircraft. The terrorist attack involved the component parts of an Improvised Explosive Device, including a homemade liquid explosive. In response to the new threat, the ICAO Aviation Security Panel and ICAO Council recommended to each State for their implementing new aviation security control measures for screening liquids, gels, aerosols, etc not later than March 1, 2007.

2.In order to comply with international requirements, the following additional measures will be implemented by CAA and APO from March 1, 2007:

a)All liquids, gels or aerosols should be required to be carried in containers with a capacity not greater than 100 ml. Liquids, gels or aerosols carried in containers larger than 100 ml are not to be accepted, even if the container is only part-filled;

b)Containers should be placed in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag of a maximum capacity not exceeding 1 liter. The containers must fit comfortably within the transparent plastic bag, which should be completely closed;

c)The plastic bag should be presented for visual examination at the screening point. Only one transparent plastic bag per passenger could be permitted; and

d)Medications, baby milk/foods, and special dietary requirements are permitted in carry-on baggage if needed on board. These must be removed from the carry-on baggage and declared to security personnel at the checkpoint

e)The traveler may take Duty Free items on board which he/she has purchased on the day(s) of the journey in a Duty Free shop within security restricted area at airport or on board an aircraft. But these items must be packed in a sealed plastic bag that is both tamper-evident and displays satisfactory proof.

f)To facilitate screening and avoid a cluttered x-ray image, such plastic bags containing liquid, gels or aerosols containers should be presented apart from other cabin baggage, coats and jackets or laptops for separate x-ray screening.

3.If there are any further questions, please contact airline agents.
4.All passengers are advised to arrive at an airport 3 hours before departure for their convenience.

For whose convenience? Not mine. What a pain. Like I don’t get body searched every time I fly on US carriers anyway. Prats.

For whose convenience? Not mine. What a pain. Like I don’t get body searched every time I fly on US carriers anyway. Prats.[/quote]

Probably within a decade you would have to arrive bout 5 hours before your flight so they can do a complete body cavity search as well. And probalby ZERO handcarry allowed. In fact, everyone would have to fly NUDE so that nobody can possibly carry anything like exploding zippers or anything :laughing: :laughing: Hey? now THAT could make flying fun again?? And probably add to the birth rate. Only problem will be trying to remember which country your child was conceived in?? :sunglasses:

Well I sure hope they turn down the freakin air conditioning on the planes before that happens. It makes me shiver just thinking about it.

Taiwan is jumping on the bandwagon of the UK and US’s paranoia? Say it isn’t so…

It won’t end until we all fly naked and sedated, and our accompanying baggage is shipped by sea.

I call it the “It’s all fun until someone gets hurt” syndrome of creeping freedom loss. Remember when you were a kid playing with your friends? Someone got hurt, then the parents decided to disallow you from doing whatever you did again. Then some other day, you were playing at something different, and again, someone got hurt. Another parental restriction. Ad nauseam until there’s no freedom left.

Such is life in America. And now Taiwan.

If terrorists are using homemade liquid explosives then what’s to stop them having a balloon full of the stuff in their stomachs?

Urodacus, I flew on US carriers several times last year and was given the extra treatment every time. On the last occasion, I waited patiently while the white guy in front of me was grilled and examined, while all the Asians got on the plane. By the time they had finished with me the crew were actually closing the doors and I had to yell down the jetway to make them wait.

I nearly punched the fucking stewardess who made some crack about me cutting it fine. Get there hours in advance as they demand, and miss your flight because they stop all the whiteys every fucking time? For my convenience? Bollocks!