New Security Screening Rules on Flights from Taiwan to the US


Prepare to be inconvenienced if flying to the USA.

Under the new plan, electronic devices larger in size than a mobile phone – including tablet computers, laptops, DVD players and cameras – taken in carry-on luggage on direct flights to the U.S. are to be screened before passengers arrive at the boarding gate.


Since there isn’t a single measure I’m willing to consider too sleazy, underhanded, self-serving, or mercenary to be deployed by commercial aviation carriers, I’m more than happy to ascribe this to them seeking to up revenues from in-flight offerings and “services” that would be freely available on passengers’ personal devices.

Oh, and yeah, I am equally comfortable putting forward the notion that the TSA is 100% cheek-by-jowl with (heavily cartelized) Big Aviation and is more than happy to implement policies to benefit them.


My laptop already has a screen.


Laptops etc. are already screened at airport security.


I was stopped at the boarding gate on the way the to the US perhaps 6 months or a year ago. I carry 2 laptops with me and they just wanted me to boot them up so they could see they were operational. So they already had this sort of screening in place, this just seems to be a formal announcement.


I don’t think Taiwan has a rule for removing each device, just laptops. I’ve never had to take a camera or tablet out from my bag before and place them in separate bins when traveling to the US.


As I understand the new rules, their will apparently be a possible second security screening, at the boarding gate, in addition to the screening described by posters above.

Source: CNA via the Taipei Times:



This sounds like a nightmare. Future me is crying because my 8 year old laptop doesn’t have enough juice to boot up without the charger plugged in…


Is this going to be that they ask for your passwords and look into your search history and FB favorites?

Love it when they say “random selection”. And suggest checking in devices to “avoid delays”.


I just flew out of Taoyuan in June and July to the states and both times I had to take out my laptop and tablet out of my bag. I asked them specifically ipad and they said any tablets must be out.

I didn’t mind since the line was fairly efficient and moving.


That is normal procedure. This is extra. First of all, it is done at the gate. Second, it might be more through, both in form and content.