New site for vegetarians

Ok, I think my site is finally ready to let you see. Actually I was just waiting for a scanner to upload my photos. Also, I’m not at all experienced with building webpages, and I don’t even have a computer so this was all made at web cafes using online software, so it might show in places. Until I figure out the finer points of website promotion, you might not even be able to find it with search engines so…

Here it is, exclusive (for now) to Oriented, the address for Veggie in Taipei:

At the moment there’s details and short descriptions for about a dozen vegetarian restaurants in Taipei, and a bunch of links including one with Chinese addresses for a few hundred different restaurants.

I’d love it if other vegetarians out there could share their experiences of veggie restaurants in Taipei. If you give me all the details (ideally name, address, phone, hours, price, and type of food) I’ll post it up on my site with your comments pretty quick. If you give me vaguer details it might take me some time to get there to check it out for myself, but anything is appreciated. This isn’t going to work too well if I don’t get other people contributing. You can send the info to my yahoo account or private message me here at oriented or just leave the details on this thread I guess. Also welcome are additional comments on the restaurants I’ve already added and any extra links I should put up.

Anyway I hope you take a look, and even if you’re not vegetarian try it out, there’s some pretty nice veggie restaurants out there.


Excellent idea. What I would suggest now is drawing either little maps to each one or one big map with some sort of number system.

Also, you should include the Chinese characters for the names and addresses.

Yeah, looks good, Bri. Thanks!

But where the heck is Hui Liu?
I mean, it is THE BEST veggie restaurant in Taipei, BY FAR. Those whole wheat apple turnovers are TO DIE FOR.

I’m generally not impressed with fake meat and organs, it all tastes the same, icky and slimey. But the fake ham is alright, as i’ve not eaten real ham for twenty years. The good kind you can buy in the supermarket is round and ham-shaped, wrapped in string, and containing no saturated fat.
You can dice it up and toss it in scrambled eggs (if you’re not a vegan).
But the other stuff…is about as appetising as chewing on my gym shoes.

Thanks for your comments.

Maps: Thats a good idea but it’ll have to wait til I have some more time and a lot more skills

Chinese Characters: Coming soon. I didn’t do it straight away because you can’t input chracters on the simple page generatin wizards, so it takes a little more effort. Also I am pretty slow typing Chinese

Hui Liu: I haven’t been there since I started the site a couple fo months ago, so I haven’t been able to get all their details. You could get those details for me, otherewise I’ll porobably visit it int he next few weeks. This site isn’t meant to be comprehensive. There’s heaps of restaurants I want to get to when I have the time.

Fake meats: Actually I really like them, especially fake chicken. The vegetarian black pepper steak at Fa Hua is fantastic.