New Southbound Policy and illegal immigration: nearly 2000 visa-free visitors unaccounted for


They were probably told they would go to a factory…Or not, who knows? The most likely scenario is not as with current apps and in previous cases, women who came here to engage in the oldest trade as independents were not brought in by the boatload by brokers obviously.

Again, these women from groups are not coming in with dreams of big bucks, they will not make a cent the first year as it will all go to the brokers in both legal and illegal jobs.


Some brokers will pay for trip and then they need to work it off on farm, factory, prostitution, etc. mostly known in advance. The girls coming for prostitution aren’t coming not knowing the plan. Others may self pay intending to just run and do whatever they intend to do find work, play, hookup with family and hide.


Up to NT$4000 reward.


what a pathetic amount of dough from a government for information


I need 40000 to go find them, but 4000 is 80 meals for some people.