New stuff for the New Year

Please post questions, feedback and bug reports in the Feedback forum.

Some obvious changes:

  1. No more avatars, titles, etc.
  3. Shops – F/X and Cafeshops
  4. Who’s online
  5. PM Voice Alert
  6. Post Ratings vs. Topic Ratings

Let’s start with a known bug: doesn’t seem to be redirecting properly. I’m asking our tech support for some help here.

Guanxi (formerly known as Karma) now has very specific value for the Segue forums. You can now ‘spend’ your G$ on decorating your Segue identity. If you have enough, you can even change someone else’s title to anything you want – but if they have enough G$, they change it back and then change yours. (so much for practical jokes)

Only G$ are accepted in the F/X Shop, although some moderators are suspected of accepted NT$ for a favor :shock:

Only US$ are accepted for the inflated prices of our Segue Cafeshop – I’m still playing around with this one (so don’t buy anything just yet!).

Bookmarks are like your personal archive of Segue discussions. I hope this can be adapted to replace my GreyMatter kludge

Who’s Online has been expanded to 15 minutes from 5 minutes. The 24 hour section is so us admins can check who among the moderators is AWOL and due for disciplinary action

A voice alert can be heard by Windows users who are properly set up. Volunteers for a new voice are welcome – wouldn’t it be neat if it was spoken in Mandarin and English. Send me your .WAV file if you are interested.

We have TWO ratings systems. Yes, this is unnecessary, but I’m too lazy to unwind the Topic Rating system. The Post Rating system allows ratings for Posts, Topics and Users. THe link at the topic goes to the POST Rating page, the one at the bottom to the TOPIC rating page.

If we can buy titles, then can we change the title of our our titles?

Yes, you can write your own titles for a G$ fee

Btw, we are also planning to change the rankings (to make them more “Taiwan-oriented”) and to shorten the number of posts required to get to the next level

I went over to the F/X shop to see what my guanxi could buy. I risk ridicule in asking this but, what is an “avatar”? The picture that appears to the left in people’s identification box.

Sorry for the backward question. Please understand when I was a child televison was still black and white.

take care,

Yep, avatar is the little picture below your name. Just bought mine “back” …

Where are the rankings, Gus? It seems titles are different to rankings. Or are they the same thing?

Oh bugger, and I gave all my $ away!

As ye sow, so shall ye reap, my son. You should now have enough to make the necessary purchase. Don’t spend it all in the one shop.

Titles and Rankings are the same.

I realize this is going to be confusing, especially since I’ve installed two distinct rating systems that do similar things, and these can also be described as “rankings”! Indeed, the Post Rating system apparently can futz around with your Rank/Title, too (tho I haven’t figured out exactly how this works – but if enough people do NOT like something you posted, it could be reflected in your rank). I’ll look to remove the Topic Ratings if we make an ultimate decision to upgrade to v. 2.0.4 of this entire forum


Thanks Sandman …

Gee…I lost my multilingual signature and :frowning: my caligraphic avatar.

but I like “none” better than “Triad member.”


Oh. So that’s where Van went.

Whoaa. What do I do now?

I had planned a Lunar New Year Guanxi$ spreadfest… Now I have to spend allof it on myself.

I think I can cover all the necessary languages for voiceover files for you (English, Spanish, Chinese, Taiwanese). People tell me my Chinese sounds like a drunken Hong Kong woman and I probably sound like a fishwife in Taiwanese, my Spanish is equally offensive to all nationalities of Spanish-speakers, and everyone hates American English…but people do think I did the MRT recording (which I didn’t! I’m over there on 228 instead).
Let me know what you want to record. I’ve got fairly OK equipment and mikes as well.

There’s a missing apostrophe (or possible an unnecessary “s”) in the Guanxi store, in the option “Change Users Title.”

The only reason I mention this is that I’m saving up Guanxi for a new title and I was hoping, well, maybe, someone could slide me a few points for pointing out this rather serious lapse in editorial judgment. I just lost 30 points by accidentally hitting the “buy title” button, and I can’t seem to get it back. I sold the title off again but didn’t get my guanxi back. Where did it go? :cry:

I like the changes, but is it possible to have a preview feature for the lettering f/x (obviously much cooler than boring old effects). I don’t think sandman or Mr He meant to look quite so gay when they expended their hard-earned guanxi. Of course I mean “gay” in the sense of “a 12-year-old who ‘loves’ nsync and just learned how to use photoshop” and not in the traditional “person who ‘loves’ another person of same sex” sense. If you really want to get the guanxi flowing, why not sell the ability to have your posts read in a daemon-like voice every time it is scrolled past. Even cooler, why not “sell” more pranks and counter-pranks, or as I like to call them, “spells” and “counter-spells”. We could have classes like wizard and warrior, but we’ll give them Taiwanese names like “fortune teller”, “taxi driver” and “quotation mark user”. What a grand time we all shall have. Obviously, we are all headed for an RPG society. The youngans are coming from a video game perspective. Us olduns need to be coaxed to evolve from an internet communication method with perks and guanxi. BTW, how many guanxi points does it take to smite, and if smotten(smit, smitten, smot, smort?) to be unsmotten?

Wrong. I want to look gay and tasteless. My big stuffed eagle, a few flaming letters, then all know that the great MR HE is here

Honey, you don’t have to be gay to be tasteless. :laughing:
Is all I have to say about this stuff

I’d like the ability to edit other people’s posts. You know, add a few typos and the quote them to make them sound stupid. Or something. That could be fun. :smiling_imp:

Yes, I lead a simple life and my desires are small.