New stuff for the New Year

How about being able to buy a moderator’s seat? It’d be just the real legal system then, buy yourself a seat in the judiciary and extort bribes and kickbacks galore! Ability to edit other’s posts would be but a minor perk.

OTOH, maybe this is how it is already :wink:

I’d wager that Mr. He drives a Camaro with fuzzy dice and personalized plates, and has a den decorated with black velvet paintings of dogs playing poker. He probably leaves his shirt unbuttoned to the fourth button, so as to show off his manly hairy chest, and the “#1 Stud” gold medallion hanging around his neck. Gay and tasteless, indeed. :smiley:

Mao! Don’t reveal our secret life here! You promised… WHOAAAAAAAAA. I’m exposed.

Once you purchase an Avatar, can you change it occasionally for free? Or do you have to spend Guanxi to purchase a new one? Most forums are just for fun. It seems like a serious community is being created here.

[quote=“Mr He”]
WHOAAAAAAAAA. I’m exposed.[/quote]

:shock: Perhaps we should move this to the public nudity thread…

Now where’s that “eeewwww” emoticon?

Not to get off topic too much, kids, but I just wanted to respond to ali’s comment…
Segue has felt more and more like a community, especially after I have met a few seguers offline now. Some are friends of mine that I would even trust my little kitty with…or rather with whom I’d trust my kitty. All the ribbing and arguing aside, I think that segue is the one thing that really brings a large group of ex-pats in Taiwan together to speak our minds, to share our opinions, and to vent on our “Taiwan moments”. All in all, ali, I think your observation is very correct.

Just sayin’
The infamous Imani-OU (not “I’m an IOU”, for those who are still confused) :wink:

:shock: Outsiders will think we have lots of kids and animals here. :laughing:

Yo, Gus…what’s up with this bank thing…after hearing how some people lost their guanxi…hee hee…I love how y’all named it guanxi although I am still awaiting my guanxi points for contributing the idea to the segue thinktank…anywho, I’m a little leery about investing my hard-earned (or rather Sandman’s hard-earned) guanxi points. How does it work and what’s in it for me if I invest? I think I’ve bought all the modern conveniences that I need to continue to post on here in style (or lack thereof). Will this invested guanxi go into any tax-refundable real estate ventures (such as taking up bandwidth)?

Or how about to finance a project to finally make Boss Hogg the Duke of Hazzard?

And how soon can I access my guanxi for a rainy day if I were to invest?

By the way, the title change to “G Money Orda” has nothing to do with guanxi, but rather it’s…nah, I’ll let y’all ask me about that in person…
Sorry, if you note the time you’ll notice I’m a little overdue for a slap happy nap. :shock:

Oh, and Ali, if you didn’t notice, I changed my avatar already along with my quote (I like to quote myself sometimes) without having to pay again.

Segue’s interest rate is kind of low. Can we buy some Segue CDs, bonds, or stocks? Or how about New Year’s prize drawing for Guanxi? Birthday or Christmas Guanxi?