New stuff for the New Year

Please post questions, feedback and bug reports in the Feedback forum.

Some obvious changes:

  1. No more avatars, titles, etc.
  3. Shops – F/X and Cafeshops
  4. Who’s online
  5. PM Voice Alert
  6. Post Ratings vs. Topic Ratings

Let’s start with a known bug: doesn’t seem to be redirecting properly. I’m asking our tech support for some help here.

Guanxi (formerly known as Karma) now has very specific value for the Segue forums. You can now ‘spend’ your G$ on decorating your Segue identity. If you have enough, you can even change someone else’s title to anything you want – but if they have enough G$, they change it back and then change yours. (so much for practical jokes)

Only G$ are accepted in the F/X Shop, although some moderators are suspected of accepted NT$ for a favor :shock:

Only US$ are accepted for the inflated prices of our Segue Cafeshop – I’m still playing around with this one (so don’t buy anything just yet!).

Bookmarks are like your personal archive of Segue discussions. I hope this can be adapted to replace my GreyMatter kludge

Who’s Online has been expanded to 1 hour (from 5 minutes). The 24 hour section is so us admins can check who among the moderators is AWOL and due for disciplinary action

A voice alert can be heard by Windows users who are properly set up. Volunteers for a new voice are welcome – wouldn’t it be neat if it was spoken in Mandarin and English. Send me your .WAV file if you are interested.

We have TWO ratings systems. Yes, this is unnecessary, but I’m too lazy to unwind the Topic Rating system. The Post Rating system allows ratings for Posts, Topics and Users. THe link at the topic goes to the POST Rating page, the one at the bottom to the TOPIC rating page.