New suit and they forgot to remove the anti-theft tag!

I have a suit in my house that they forgot to remove the anti-theft tag from. How do I get it off? I bought it at The Polo Store on the USA east coast. Now what do I do?

Ok, Winona, first thing you tell us how you made it past the front door without setting off the buzzer! :sunglasses:

I purchased it, the clerk handled and everything. Not sure myself.

I’ve heard it’s the new Hollywood fashion statement.

Interesting. I had the same problem with a pair of linen Polo pants I purchased at Tai Mall in Taoyuan. There was no way I was going to get that tag off myself; it’s unbelievable how strong the steel ‘strip’ is in the centre of the tag. Anyway, I had to have a colleague cut it with a very large pair of wire cutters. Maybe some small hardware shop will let you borrow a pair for the job, though I bet they will look at you rather funny. Probably a story they will share over and over again.

I am going to try to go back to some other shop that is not Polo here in Taipei, or maybe Polo, but I bought at Polo Ralph Lauren and there is only Polo Sport that I know about. I will go to NET or G2000.

Why don’t you go with the receipt and the suit to the Polo store and ask them to remove it? If you have the receipt - it shouldn’t be too much of a hassle - particularly if the US sales tags are still on it. Sure they might look at you funny - but you would get a similar look walking around with a tagged suit on.

I think there is a Polo Ralph Lauren on the East side of the Renai Tunhua traffic circle (n side of the road). Maybe it is just a regular polo… Isn’t there one in the Breeze mall too?

Of course if you don’t have the receipt or the sales tags, then maybe wire cutters are your only option…

Same thing happened to me in an Atlanta mall. Didn’t have any trouble taking it back, but I was still in the US when I found out the tag was still there.

If you have trouble with the other options you and others have mentioned, you might try contacting someone in Ralph Lauren’s customer service dept. You can usually get that information from the Internet.

I stopped the car at the first shop that we got to in Taipei, it was an Esprit. They told my wife sorry, wrong system, but the Esprit down the street is the same system. Went over there BEEP BEEP BEEP…excuse me…sure no problem. Now it’s off. This was one of those stick a metal key inside and it will open type.

Thanks for the ideas, I was panicing as I need to wear it in about 1 hour from now.