New Swine Flu Discovered in China



Supposedly cannot infect humans and won’t cause a big problem.
I wouldn’t worry about this if I were you.

They said the same thing about covid…


Feel free to start isolating then

If you turn them into sausages it could be less infectious.

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Covid-19 victims?

Aren’t there already confirmed cases of finding the virus living in human lung tissue? I’ll see if I can find the article.
Good news is that human-human transmission isn’t confirmed yet, and swine flu is much more vaccine-able (vaccinatable?).

Edit: Guardian article

More than one in 10 swine workers in the new study had already been infected, according to antibody blood tests which showed exposure to the virus.
The tests also showed that as many as 4.4% of the general population also appeared to have been exposed.
The virus has therefore already passed from animals to humans but there is no evidence yet that it can be passed from human to human – the scientists’ main worry.

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I’ve used up all my likes for today

Who and China said the same thing about the corona virus

I’m sure the world will be thrilled with another Chinese virus albeit this one could perhaps be the h1n1 originally from the USA where pigs infected humans and then we infected pigs after
Mutation and now is able to infect humans again


Bubonic plague, currently spreading in Inner Mongolia and a border town in Mongolia.

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