New Taxation Regulations for Foreign Professionals

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) has announced that the in order to encourage more foreign professionals to work in Taiwan, new tax regulations for foreign professionals have been put in effect from the beginning of 2008.

The new tax regulations provide that the following expenses will be deducted from their personal income, moreover, such expenses will be deemed as the employer’s business expenses:

(1) round-trip travel for foreign professional employees and their dependents,
(2) travel expenses for returning to home country,
(3) moving costs,
(4) water and electric bills,
(5) cleaning bills,
(6) telephone bills,
(7) rent,
(8) rental property repairs, and
(9) children’s school tuition fees

Under the new regulations, foreign professionals who qualified for the tax incentives must meet the following conditions:

(1) Shall not possess both Taiwan and foreign citizenship.

(2) Stay in Taiwan for at least 183 days during a taxable year.

(3) Engage in work stipulated in the Employment Services Acts, such as,

a. Architecture and civil engineering,
b. Transportation,
c. Tax and financial services,
d. Real estate agency,
e. Immigration services,
f. Legal services,
g. Technicians,
h. Medicine and health care,
i. Environmental protection,
j. Cultural, sports, or recreation services,
k. Academic research,
l. Veterinary services,
m. Manufacturing,
n. Logistics services,
o. Executive of a government-approved enterprise invested in or established by overseas Chinese or foreign investors,
p. Management, design, planning, or consulting for specialized, scientific, or technical services,
q. Cook in the food and beverage industry, and
r. Other work designated by the Council of Labor Affairs in consultation with the central government agency in charge of the target industry.

(4) Have a taxable monthly income for at least NT$ 100,000.

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New Taxation Regulations for Foreign Professionals

Interesting news, thanks!

quote water and electric bills,
(5) cleaning bills, [/quote]

They want to clean up the standards, methinks. No more smelly wog-guoren.


Happy to see that, as usual, translators and interpreters are not professionals in Taiwan.

Nor certified teachers. But cooks are! Hmmmm. :s

Nor certified teachers. But cooks are! Hmmmm. :s[/quote]

The only “cooks” that make over $100,000 a month are the head chefs at the major hotels, even that mght be a stretch…