New teacher with HESS

Hello all!
It would be great to here what a “best” case scenario would be for a new teacher working through HESS. Also, how can I accomplish this. I have applied only very recently, but I just want to have some reference to begin with as they contact me. Thank you for your support!
P.S. Tarheels are world champs…

The best case scenario would to be given a good branch.

Hess can be super unpredictable in many ways. You don’t which city you will work in, which branch you will work at or who your boss will be. All those thing factors will affect your “best case scenario”. You could love it, hate it or think its ok.

To accomplish anything, just do your job and don’t push back too hard when problems come up.

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Thanks! Currently, I am planning to go with a friend. Pick a city we want to live in and contact schools alittle before we get there and then follow up with them when we are there. Kinda just DIY-it

HESS can be an excellent starting point in a teaching career.
Go through the training and gain that valuable experience.