New Titles?

What is up with these new titles??? “Chair-throwing legislator” is good … but “betelnut baby”? Aiyoooo …

yeah…gimme back my guanxi$, I’ve spent it to buy a nice axlinguae to apt with my nick…now it’s gone to oblivion :slight_smile:

now, I’m thinking of a nick like “Polyglottal gloat” again


New titles again, with new rankings going all the way up to posters with 9500 posts under their belt. Who will get there first? Sandman? Formosa?

Me, if I keep on the way I’ve been going this week.

It has got to stop. I’m going nuts. Sorry Alien, I forgot you were a lady.

Maoman… for the slow amongst us… please explain these “new titles.” Woohoo! one more post closer. :bouncy:

No… NO… seriously, I want to know. Are these the new red bars I see under our names? And, exactly what are they? How do you get one? Etc… :idunno:

Say it slow… I’se from the US o’ A. :homer: Doh!

Chasing street dogs beats frying chicken parts anyday. :wink:

As long as you don’t intend to eat them when you catch them! :astonished:

I’m not really thinking of having any more kids.

Any chance we can see the entire list of titles… so we know what it is that we are aspiring to?

Thanks BFM. You’re always on the ball!