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I think your dad still visits this forum. Nice to see families getting together here too!


Welcome to Forumosa!

Welcome. Yes, this website let’s people mostly speak their opinion. Of course, always up for debate and discourse.



I remember being introduced to some of my father’s old letters when I was a child and reading them with great interest. It never occurred to me that one day I might have a child who digs through my old forum posts in the same way I read my father’s letters. Terrifying thought! :fearful:


Hapadoge, this is dad. go do your homework. And why did the dog pee in the garage? Also have you seen my butt rash lotion my explosive diarrhea has been acting up again. OK bye bye. Good night sweetheart.




@hapadoge is your dad like this in real life?


Your dad still owes me NT2000.


Honey ,you need to use emoticons in your message or the moderator will think you are serious and daddy will get banned again .
And yes I’m talking to you Mr “the bear”

and yes she really is my daughter and I can prove it.

“Hapadoge you are grounded and no more posting tonight. We have to go help mom make taiwanese pineapple buns”

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Of course, back in those days, her dad looked like this


That wasn’t me.

It’s a joke.

wait… is @dix2111 a ventriloquist and @Hapadoge the…


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I live in the South. I joined Forumosa to talk about stuff Taiwanese related stuff. The last time I went to Taiwan was about 9 years ago. I was little but I really miss it. I used to suck at using chopsticks but I’m better than I used to. I like using chopsticks to eat instant ramen. My mom makes me eat rice with veggies and meat a lot. Sometimes it gets annoying. White rice tastes better than brown rice IMO.

Not sure why you asked lol but no, I’ve never had a BF before but I would date a Taiwanese guy. If only there were more Asian guys at my school :sweat_smile: :thinking:


Not a puppet. fortunately we are two different people.

WElcome ! And I dont really know if other forumosans have kids who post here. Is there anyone , anyone know?

You must be just a wee Kitten sorry i mean Puppy

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