New to the forum & to living in Taiwan!

Hello all,

I was born in Taipei but I grew up in America.
I recently moved back to Taiwan, and well, I don’t know anything,
and it’s going to take time for me to gradually acclimate to everything!

I have a few questions; it would be lovely if anyone can offer me the answers …

  1. What art scenes are in Taipei, is there an arts community (I am asking primarily about visual arts)? You know, art galleries, movements, museusms, whatever you can think of that makes up an “art scene” in Taipei? I’m an artist so I would love to know this.

  2. Where do all the vintage clothes/accessories/items go? I don’t mean the throwaway unwanted items … I know Asians are not so big on old clothes as they are in America, but I am a collector and I do have a retro fetish. Items from 1950s, Victorian items, and so on (Okay! So it’s not THAT old, haha). Or perhaps there is some kind of antiques district? Surely there’s a place where unwanted vintage items go! There MUST have been some ancient deadstock or carefully preserved family heirlooms/hand-me-downs that are kept somewhere???

Thanks so much if you can answer me.

& I am also somewhat open to making new friends, I guess, um,
especially if there is a good understanding/experience of Western culture, and English ----
---- & being able to forgive me when/where I might come off as strange. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome … but you have no idea what you let yourself into … :laughing:

Hello and welcome to the 'mosa!

  1. You could start hanging out at Huashan Art Center. I am sure you will find fellow souls there, for starters.

  2. Ah, dear, when I find one, I’ll let you know. There is a bit bit behind NTNU’s MTC, like an old market with a few antique stalls, and a few high end stores in Yongkan Street. Sometimes you get lucky at the second hand stores, but mostly this area of antiques is not developed yet. I’ve seen a few interesting things at the second had store from Tzu Chi, on Badeh Road. Family heirlooms I fear are gone to China or the recycling bin. :frowning:

@belgian pie … haha, probably not. :stuck_out_tongue: what did i get myself into? :stuck_out_tongue:

@icon … thanks for your helpful reply! // family heirlooms gone to china? i can hardly believe that. ha, i thought it was supposed to be the other way around. :stuck_out_tongue: // i guess the climate isn’t very good for keeping a lot of old things around anyhow … // & i will check out the huashan art center, then. thanks again!

Hi, I read your post and I’m new to Taiwan as well, looking to connect with artists in Taipei and beyond. I’m looking for a great art community to be part of. Though I currently live in Nantou, that may change as I’m looking for a p/t teaching job. If you would like to meet up sometime, let me know!